A Disciplined Life

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Jan. 24/11

I have always said I wanted a disaplined life-to myself -but my mind is fighting it every step of the way. This morning I promised myself  today would be the first day of completing the essential tasks first: vlog, blog, daily reading/assignment for ITD course.  Then I can enjoy small chores, and getting lost in all new and fun involvement with Desteni community  online. All of this is actually very important but if I am not able to complete the building blocks-the absolute essentials- no significant contribution will be made, hence no significant changes brought about.  I love being home and ‘puttering about’ doing small, insignificant daily chores as well as the important ones, like taking my little JRT , Pika, to the lake for a long walk.

Woops…Jan 25/11   6:55pm

So much for doing vlog/blog/course material first each day. My husband sells cars so some days  he starts in the afternoon, works until 9pm. On these days I tend to have my hours the same, just easy, more fluid in the house I find. So I wasn’t completely being neglectful.  Nonetheless, I need to stand up in the moment more often, put my fear aside and jump into what I have labelled ‘difficult’ ‘not fun’.  The problem I have is being consistant. I’m actually good at jumping into something new and then it fades in importance and I drop it.

Taking the Desteni course is clearly the best for me /best for all, path I could have taken, I have no doubt about that. There will be no ‘dropping’ it. Consistantly giving through completing my studies, blogging, vlogging, supporting others in their processes, as well as all the other obligations in life–that will be challenging and demand growth on my part. Actually Desteni is quite ingenious in a profoundly simple way; how the course and income system is one and the same( almost-just sharing your process) and truly/brilliantly best for all! I thought I’d have to become farmer-which is cool but not at all practical for me here in Toronto, which has long , dark, cold winters and where I live , basically no land to farm!  Anyway, there it is ; a disciplined life. Thanks.


  1. Róbert Starší says:

    “I’m actually good at jumping into something new and then it fades in importance and I drop it.” – You can direct this point by making sure you don’t “hype” yourself before you start that activity, or go into an energetic excitement. Because that is the energy that runs out and leaves you high and dry. Simply move with constancy and breath – takes some time getting used to, but is very worth it – you become much more effective.

  2. jeannie says:

    I can relate so much to your posts. I havent started vlogging yet although I have written some but still havent posted much because of fears. Afraid the world will see…and everyone will abandon me. Thanks for sharing.

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