My Friend Pika: Process, A First

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Jan. 7/11

For the first time-perhaps ever-I did not react when someone commented on Pika, my little Jack Russell terrier, shivering. This has been an issue with me for years and caused much ‘stress’ ‘turmoil’ within me.  She’s a small dog and shivers quite easily, meaning even if it’s a little cool in September (end of summer in Toronto). She ‘hates’ coats, sweaters however I have found one that is ok and put it on her on very cold/wet days. Once outside and running around in the park she is fine but on the way home often starts to shiver. People are often downright rude and assume I am heartless and abusive to my dog. Far from the case.

So….I have been rude back, or go into a long explanation. Either way resulting in a violent reaction within and perhaps without. Yesterday was the first time, I just said nothing-even in my head-made no facial expression and continued on home. I have to be honest, after about 30 seconds, I did fall into a silent rant in my mind but immediately applied self forgiveness as I am one and equal with the woman who was trying to ‘protect’ Pika.

I am grateful that my process with Desteni has supported me in becoming aware of what’s going on in my mind as my thoughts , feeling and emotions. I can be VERY reactive and am shocked that I remained calm and did not judge this woman-if only for a minute-so there was no altercation between us. I was able to respect her in my silence and forgive the judgement that followed. We were home in 5 minutes and Pika was toweled off ,warm and happy to snooze after her morning ‘fun’ .

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