Overpaid to the point of insanity/inhumanity

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been arguing with my husband lately about the salaries of hockey players. It seems to me using my common sense-which apparently isn’t very popular-they are over paid to the extreme.I ‘m sorry I don’t buy the reasons of what they risk and how much money they generate, change the system so  95% of the profit go to housing and feeding and providing health care for the people who need it or don’t pay them such insanely inflated salaries. Let them  play for fun/exercise, with the renewed innocence of a child. Are we that selfish that we need to be constantly entertained? Can we not take the blindfold off long enough to see most people on this earth have little or no comfort/support let alone entertainment. I myself to not engage in watching sports.

However, I have to admit I love to watch American Idol. Love to see such talented young people grow right before my eyes. So, I too feed into the money system of overpaid singers/musicians/actors/directors/writers. It is entertainment to me but I stand firm on the insanity/inhumanity  of letting just a few select people because of opportunity/’good’ looks/some ‘talent’ make way, way, way  too much money.

The Idol judges are dripping in expensive accessories and lavish costumes and jewlery. I’m sure their worth several million each. Simon C. , i believe is worth close to a billion dollars–for putting on a talent show-competition. That’s not rational in a world so full of suffering and need–millions of little innocent children!

I don’t care if ‘money talks’  ‘its the way it is/what people want’ it’s not acceptable for us to talk such humanity (the rich donate a meager amount when some disaster happens) and then live in excess the other 360 (we’ll give them 5 days of caring) days of the year .

There is a solution. That solution is equal money. It will work. Yes, we can change the system from the way it is now, it will take time. We’ll do it , one day at a time. Please check out Desteni.co.za to learn about how you can be a part of the Equal Life Party and bring about a new world where we value each life as one and equal!

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