A Shocking Waste of Money

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am aghast !  Another royal wedding and huge sums of money (British taxpayers money..what!?) being spent for what? I’m afraid the only reasonable answer I can possibly come up with is a distraction. It’s ‘pleasant’ ‘positive’ new/pictures/images in a rather bleak world.

If the queen is forced to dip into her ‘private’ wealth , good- she has too much , waaaay too much. I read this wedding will cost between 20 to 30million dollars. I started researching how it all added up and then I stopped because I DON’T CARE. I know I’m not a British citizen but I am a Earth citizen and a mother/wife and I’m saying shame on them. If Kate and William are a little young and naive, so be it, but their parents/grandparents aren’t. They should take that money and build affordable housing-if you don’t want a slum build unaffordable housing and give it to families that have NO HOME.

Hey, I like ‘pretty’ things and love parties as much as the next person, not suggesting they don’t have a ‘lovely’ gathering/lots of fun. Yes, considering who they are it would cost more than usual so…spend $200-300,000 . That’s alot of money on a wedding!

I was at a dinner party few nights ago. Wonderful family, like them very much. They are quite wealthy-perhaps worth at least 3 million Canadian dollars  -who know’s really-its a secret-interesting. They are sending their young child to a private school in the fall. Seems like the right decision, as she will get the attention/assistance she needs. My husband and I discussed this and my point was not only does this young girl deserve an excellent education–EVERY CHILD DOES AS WELL. They asked us to come up to their cottage, at the end of the evening, I told my husband (somewhat to his dismay) I will when everyone in this world has a home-safe/decent or maybe even a house of there dreams-let alone a house and cottage of their dreams!  …then I’ll be glad to go.

  1. Anna says:

    I think the royals are a waste of taxpayers cash, we don’t need them they are only people like me & you i would prefer to say over paid dole dossers! a lot of people say they bring tourism into the country? that’s rubbish tourists from other countries come to see the buildings not the Royal family, a lot of people also visit Paris they also go to see the buildings Eiffel tower etc they don’t meet the president, this country would be a lot better off financially without them & thats a fact!!.

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