Entertainment News: Why? Why do we care?

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m sorry but I don’t care to listen to some radio broadcaster, oh so intellectually, spouting off about some band only the ‘elites’ know about, for an hour and a half monday to friday. Only the elites have this ‘fortunate’ ‘privilage’ to memorize useless informatiton -which makes them ‘superior’ and me stupid and insignificant-about those in the ‘limelight’/famous celebrities in various music niches.

It’s our obsession with ‘celebrities’ that is a ridiculous waste of time. This is not a put down. I am one and equal to each interviewer and celebrity, I just think we have more important things to focus on like; the suffering and starvation of children, war and the destruction of our kingdom-earth.

I am a ‘mom’ so I believe it is ‘newsworthy’ to mention when an idolized teen icon goes astray and ends up in rehab, ok, common sense. How many ‘entertainment news’ shows are on tv? Prime Time ! Celebrity reality series, celebrity magazine/gossip papers. I engage in less and less of this gawking but I actually don’t care if others do.  It’s the time put into this ‘hobby’/interest that one could be contributing something of value to our world and the huge waste of money that is generated but not put to good use, that disturbs me.  What a huge effort is poured into this machine of ‘entertainment news’  and for what?  To  supply the public with a continual stream of garbage.

It’s rather sick when you look at it a little closer–it’s what killed Princess Diana –the goose that layed the golden egg. How sad, these journalists cared more about a few thousand dollars then they did about Diana’s value as a fellow human being. They killed her over ‘pictures’ and a few typed words. Perhaps this journalist really, desperately needed the money. It’s like when I  give a dollar to someone on the street, when I know  darn well, they will buy alcohol. But I remember needing a drink that badly, I would do anything just to numb out for a few hours, no matter the ‘hell’ I would pay later.

Maybe it’s that simple, people will do almost anything to survive. So in light that there is a terrific amount of money being made from all this celebrity watching (that is the real motive behind it all, of course) who is getting all of this money?? As usual, just a few, at the ‘top’.

Wake up human beings, you’re being duped.  Instead of ‘gasping in awe’ at how much the red carpet gowns cost–the startlets wear at the Oscar ceremonies–why don’t we cry out in protest, “next year, wear your jeans and donate all the money that would have been spent on designer gowns, to building homes for those who have none!” Who cares about insignificant details of celebrity lives? We don’t!

Hey, I love pretty things.  So…when we have brought heaven to earth, through the implementation of an equal money system, and there are beautiful gowns for all , we’ll all have a ball.


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