National Canadian Election

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

As usual my backchat is telling me blogging is difficult, too much effort, a drag, when in actual fact it takes very little effort so I’ll just get to it.

There is a national election campaign going on in Canada right now. The population is not very interested for the simple fact the main parties don’t seem all that different from one another. The current Parliament in power -Conservative- ‘fell’ as it was found in ‘contempt’ because of exposed ‘lies’ ‘deceit’. However, if you just investigate the Liberal party (basically our governing bodies alternate between Conservative and Liberal parties) that was in power 7-8 years ago, they too were ‘exposed’/found to be guilty of a  number of ‘sneaky’, greedy acts. Which, once again, validates the age old ‘truism’ ‘absolute power, corrupts absolutly’. Seems to be the human condition, we’re all a bunch of liers, based in self interest, if we are in a position of power for very long.

In an equal money system, of democracy, this problem is eliminated as one would be voted in and hold a position for a relatively short period of time, one year. Most importantly, decisions would be based on what is best for all-common sense and not for the sole purpose of manipulation of the public and wealthy business community just to ‘stay in power’/get votes.

A few items-carrots being dangled-being offered are: Conservatives; some tax break for working couples with young children that involves ‘income sharing’ which would result in saving -not exactly sure-a few hundred or perhaps a few thousand dollars per year. Not enough to change a families life by any means. The proposal that sticks out in most Canadians minds is the Conservatives want to purchase a number-13 I believe- fighter jets at the cost of 30 Billion dollars!! Hmmm…makes the carrot seem insignificant. Liberals; a grant of $1000 per year, up to 4 years, for post secondary education per student (however it makes null and void some other tax ‘breaks’ for these students so it’s actually about half that).  It is also retroactive-pertains to past years as well). As someone who has 2 kids in university now and another to start in 2 years, that tweeks my interest as it would definately be practical assistance. NDP (New Democrats); the leader is proposing to ‘cap’ interest rates the banks are allowed to charge with regard to credit card debt. It is now  a ghastly 18% and it would be capped at 5% (plus prime-whatever that means-guess its not as good as it sounds and the banks get to stay incredibly wealthy while the rest of us struggle to pay rent/mortgage). As one of the ‘suckers’ trying to make ends meet, I have credit card debt, so this sounds like some practical help, as well.

In light of what’s going on in the Middle East currently, I am grateful I live in a democracy. Because I was born into a upper/middle class family-even though I made every mistake in the ‘how to get rich’ book, I live ‘free’ and want for nothing.

However, we can do better. Yes, Canada is based on a democratic system of government but does not base decisions on what’s best for all. Pouring more money into military spending has not effected lasting change in the history of our world and will never bring about peace. “Stopping” the violence and living peacefully will bring about peace. One of the gems I learned in kindergarten. I will not vote Conservative. Also a change of power is good to get politicians back to ‘honesty’. Not sure which of the other 2 parties I will vote for. Perhaps I’ll add my own ‘box’ on the ballot and check ‘Equal Money Party’.

Although I am one of the ‘lucky’ ones-I have ‘enough’, I am willing to give it all up for an equal money system. “Life” demands it and if I am not life, what am I?


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