Are we all not “Princes Among Men”?

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Watching the news last night, there was a piece about ‘poor’ Prince Charles, stating yet again, how his Mom will live ‘forever’ and he’ll never get to be ‘king’.

Well, this points out a few things. First, a life of ‘enough’ when it comes to money-whether extreme wealth, as in the royals case or enough for survival and dignity, increases your life expectancy greatly! No big surprise there .

I always ‘felt sorry’ for Charles in these articles. My mother matrix system-all the information passed on through my mother and generations before her stored in my mind consciousness systems (unconscious,subconscious,conscious mind)  jumps forth/ kicks in, controlling my thoughts so they sound like, ‘the queen should step down now, she is being selfish, 85 years old, let her son take his ‘rightful’ turn , a mother must put her family first, blah,blah,blah….OR I could have been programed another way and have these thoughts in my mind, ” It is right that the queen stays until death, it’s the way its always been-proper protocol…blah,blah”

When the fact is , the person who is here, directing myself here in the physical which each breath shouts,   ‘who cares…dissolve the farce, use the money wisely throughout the UK/world. Why am I feeling sorry for a man who has had every opportunity, wealth, privilage?

Not saying he should /the royals should have less than others just ‘enough’ . Are we all not  ‘Princes among Men”? We all need to set an example, live as Jesus taught people, “Do unto others how you would have them do unto you”. We all want a leader/guru but it is all of us who must stand, then we don’t need any prince when all learn to live one and equal.

Then we don’t need to place anyone on a pedestal and shower them with riches so they ‘know ‘ they are different /special and not wracked with guilt by the horrid divide of the way humans have to live. I understand the royal family are not a governing body to any large extent-or at all-merely figure heads. Do they do some good/useful work in the world? Probably, so they can continue doing that , but dissolve and distribute  the enormous  personal wealth they have built/accumlated over the centuries.

An equal money system is the solution. First, in an equal money system, we don’t need any ‘royal’ families as we are all ‘royal’ each one, one and equal! Yes there would be a governing body, voted into power democratically, one man one vote. Please check us out at : I think the queen should step down …Yes….I think they all should!

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