Al-Queda Recruits: What am I missing here?

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

A few nights ago there was a piece in the evening news about a distraught uncle who’s nephew had been recruited, in Toronto, where I live, by Al-Queda.  The boy had been ‘promised martyrdom’, instead was taken to Afghanistan for training but executed. The uncle did not go into details of why the boy was murdered. Either way, the end of his life was the outcome.

I am baffled and saddened by this story.  What kind of mind training convinces a young boy/man that it is ‘noble’ to strap  explosives onto ones body, walk into a public place (even if the ‘target’ is politically motivated, often many innocent citizens are killed) and blow yourself and others up. Death, horrible injury and pain, terror instilled in young children and elderly, life long disabilities (perhaps one could no longer provide for their family), homelessness;  all these resulting.

I’m sorry to be so simple but– all because ‘someone is right’ and ‘someone is wrong’. So what? Stop!

Polarity of the mind, where has it gotten mankind? No where, going in circles of destruction.  A cruel promise of salvation (1000 virgins??!!) at heaven’s gate. What kind of God/higher power would possibly ask this of you?  “Just blow up these little children and they will suffer agony for several hours before they die and I’ll give you bliss for eternity”.  Huh?  A little common sense here people.

I do understand that there is great divide of power and wealth in many parts of the world. That there is much poverty and suffering. That, if life sucks so bad , you gotta believe in something to get up in the morning and face your family and carry on, when you know there is no hope of life getting better because of the current government and money system. That you can only take it so long ; misery, suffering and then you snap….that it is easy to manipulate and use children to assist in your revolution. This can and does happen anywhere in the world, not just ‘over there’. We are all guilty, we are all responsible….equally.

So, we know this. Life is uneven, life is very unfair.  A few have power and wealth and the many struggle. Most people everywhere want this to change. However, one can see throughout history, uprisings/ the downfall of dictatorships, although inspiring and courageous, often do not lead to a sustainable democracy.

There is a solution: treat you neighbour as you would want to be treated. A simple human being said this.  He walked the earth without accumulating , without self interest, just a robe and sandles and he spoke about freedom. But we couldn’t hear.

Perhaps now we are ready.  An equal money system provides this freedom. Live, what is best for all, so that all life is respected and given dignity. Please join us at to learn how this is not only possible but a solution that is real.

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