Canadian Election Surprise…hope for future equality…in the future

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday there was a national election in Canada with somewhat surprising results. Although the Consevatives got a majorty government, the NDP (most left leaning party-social democrats) had a huge surge in popularity and left the Liberal Party far behind.

This indicates two things:

One, many Canadians want a real alternative to the status quo- a Conservative or Liberal government which pretty much keep the country going in the same direction of the weathy few growing in their weath (pro-business, little governemnt intervention) while the middle class continue to struggle to make ends meet and the poor getting poorer.

And two, that the young Canadian population is starting to have an impact on the results of elections and want a future of more governement for the people, more equality and the sharing of wealth by increased corporate tax, reducing huge credit card interest rates, housing the homeless, increased effective social programs and much more.

The youth of this country, in Ontario I know, were engaged in tweeting -calling out to each other , encourging one aother to get out and vote. I have never seen this before in this country and it is inspiring.

Four years now of a majority Conservative government is dismal, however, the NDP now the official ‘opposition’ party, has an opportunity for their voice and policies to be heard ,much more consistantly,  in the House of Commons. This is televised so it is possible, for the first time in Canadian history, to wake people up to a real alternative, one step toward a more equal country.

Change is often bumpy and takes time, patience is the key. Just as the NDP party, who were laughed at , scoffed at- for suggesting the idea of a social democratic party having the nerve to rear its head in Canada, has had patience over the last 50 years.

The Conservatives got 39% of the countries votes and the NDP (New Democratic Party) got 30% of the countries votes.

But to cut to the urgent quick, the real solution, what is best for all , is a truly benevolent solution, an equal money system. Please investigate this at to learn how you can assist and support humanity, yourself and your family.

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