My experience with the Real Estate Career Sham

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Few years back I went back to school full time to become a real estate agent. Very lucrative career in Toronto if you got a functioning brain (or even half a functioning brain as I did) and some discipline. I did receive my licence but lack of money stopped me from persuing it.    The problem is how much money it takes to get you licenced and then set up to go in the first year after you graduate-alot!

Once graduated, you have alot of upfront licencing fees and they are yearly, I believe it was about $7000 . I did not have a car so this would have been about about another minimum $15,000 for a very modest used car with insurance etc. Then there are very expensive advertising fees–say at least $1000-$2000/mo. so those that got the money make the big money–rich get richer as ususal. This is the current money system.

I say this because of a very humiliating experience I had with a woman.  I believe I was in the middle of my courses and she was boasting that she sold the highest gross amount of real estate for her company in Toronto/Canada of all time- that year.

I was quite impressed until I realized several things: she came into the profession as a ‘millionaire’ so -with no stress-had the money to pay for each course, she had money for domestic help at time of taking course (huge stress-guilt reducer for wife/mom), had awesome cars (mercedes/suv to travel to school -not standing at a feezing cold bus stop each dark morning to get to class- and the vehicles/insurance to start as realtor–not to mention gas money…so much the rich take for granted that the average person-not to mention the poor person -sweats over daily!) , she had the money to advertise-a key element in how quickly one succeeds or flounders in the real estate game and it is very expensive to advertise…

…and then the mother of all reasons the rich get richer and the rest of us look like loosers–SHE HAD RICH FRIENDS! relatives, neighbours, business associates, aquaintances etc. and a tight circle it is-do not ask to be let in-

…and the vast majority of her big year was one huge sale of a commercial building of a VERY wealthy good friend of hers she met through her husband (her husband inherited small fortune and then used that to make more of a fortune in the purchase of slum apartment buildings in southern U.S.-not judging- I would have done the same if I had the means back then).

Not taking away the fact that this or other real estate agenst don’t work hard for their money. Not saying they all make big money, I understand, the ones who work hard make the big money.  But so do most of us and that child who slaves over a sewing machine today for 10 hours or more in the sweltering heat  works hard everyday too for pennies–they too may have the sauve/what it takes/that certain something ‘special’ it takes to ‘make it’ as a real estate agent but we’ll never know because they will never have the opportunity.

We are all one and equal. Time for us to stop, stop the abuse of the current money system. At Desteni, we have a solution. Please check us out at EqualMoney.Org and learn about how we can implement an equal money solution now into our world so all may have enough for  a fullfillng, dignified (the opportunity to express onesself-provide neccessities for ones familiy) and not just the few at the top, who already have enough, getting bigger Mercedes/another vaction/keeping up with fashion at the same time ignoring the fact that right now countless others suffer horribly today.

Love they neighbour as thyself….what if it was your child suffering?

There is a solution. We can change our world. But it takes effort. It has to start with you. It’s the only way. Please join me at Desteni.

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