Why didn’t I take my kids to cool ‘Singalong’ classes when they were young?

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ll give you one guess.

I started working as a nanny/caregiver for a wonderful 3 year old boy this last week. Yesterday we went to his ‘sing-along’ class.  It was full of nannies and kids! Fun, joyful, and helpful for the adults to gather and support each other, it can be a little lonesome if you spend all day with little ones.  So…i’m sitting there, watching all the fun wondering…why didn’t I take my children to something like this when they were young? what kind of a lousey parent was I ? Was my head in the sand? Did I not care?

Then it hit me! Oh ya….you gotta be rich to have your kids attend something like this . In fact, I  inquired after the formal gathering was over. $20 per session, sign up for 8 classes at a time= $160 !  It was just over a half hour.  I could no more afford that than fly to the moon.

Did we sing? Yes. Did we dance and be silly and jump and laugh? Definately. We did it everyday for free, sometimes with friends but mostly at home and it was great but often isolating and hard. I would have loved the fellowship and support. It’s much easier to be a parent in Toronto, anywhere I’m sure, if you have money.

One lady I know had a ‘night nurse’ to feed her infant during the night so she could get much needed sleep and a ‘day nurse’ ! She was very wealthy.   I do not judge her for this.  If I could have afforded it, I would have done the same.

Community is missing from parenting in Canada. Not everyone is a natural born, effective parent . There are some ‘free’ or less expensive government ‘programs’ but they are difficult to access-sign up, get to , poor quality, over crowded, under/poor staff etc.

Why should not every child and caregiver be able to enjoy this type of ‘sing-along’ class? Why is it so rediculously expensive? Well, in the current money system, I understand this person who ran the program is part of a larger company, that has to pay its bills and survive in this world just like the rest of us.

In an equal money system- childcare  would be governed according to what is best for all  . There would be greatly increased commmunity support and assistance in raising children equally, children’s needs met, help for the caregiver as well, one and equal ,all receiving the help they deserve . Please join us at equalmoney.org to learn more.

  1. Yeah, that will be so awesome! I am a single parent and there was not that much support available for me either (duh – no money), which made it so much harder. I would have been so awesome and supportive for me and for my kid if we would have been part of a community with shared responsibilities and shared joy and laughter 🙂 Instead of all parents hiding behind their doors and not willing to share. I’ve always felt kind of responsible for all the kids in my direct environment – for their safety but also in supporting them by showing them things. Why not point out things to other kids – instead of complaining about them and do nothing about it? I’ve been in trouble because of that – lol – but nevertheless I’ve always stand as this point.
    Living in an Equal Money Society – what a relief it’ll be!

    • sandyjones says:

      Thanks Ingrid , I’m learning alot about myself and it’s interesting being in this position as a caregiver to a 3 year old again. He’s actually showing me alot about me! I am such a different person now but I know
      one thing that hasn’t changed-caregivers need community and lots of support to raise our children well…not just robots that do what we say.

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