The end is here…yes! the end of BS with an Equal Money System

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, we’re all still here.  Another dooms day prophecy has come and gone.  There ain’t no one or nothing gonna fix our world or save us by lifting us up on a white cloud so we can snuggle safely in ‘heaven’. We are stuck here together and have to face what we’ve created. Impossible you say? Yes, the way the world systems are set up currently, it is impossible. We have to do something different if we expect a different outcome.

I dare to say the people/organizations/corporations that make the biggest charitable donations have the most money–so they reduce a little guilt of knowing their lives are full of freedom, extravagance and excess by throwing a little money at the ‘needy’ and wipe their hands and go on enjoying all that wealth has to offer. And nothing changes!

There is a solution.  Is it drastic?  Of course, it has to be to fix this horribly unfair, excuse that is our reality. The solution is an Equal Money System, a dignified life for all!  Are we all not life?  Who decides now who gets a worthwhile, abundant life and who gets ‘hell on earth’ . Money decides, so I guess money is our ‘God’.  If that is so lets make it a benevolent force, use money for the good of all.  Let us be the directors of this powerful tool.

We have this ability as human being to direct ourselves.  We as a group are awesome in numbers and if we live as all , as one, as equal we can move these mountains-no magic or religion or spirituality required, nothing to wait for.  No excuses, what else do you have to do today that could be more important than standing up for equality?

It is a huge undertaking and one that is being undertaken now by members of Desteni. Please  join us, we need all of us to be the change that is required. I invite you to investigate all that is being done and order the ‘Equal Money System’  Book that is to be released in approximately September,2011.

I have to admit, I had my share of prophesying, I became quite good at foretelling the future in my own life. I did it through the mind…so what?…what good did it do my life and my world?…none!  If you love this earth and you love your life, do something!  Do it with your feet on the ground, our ground, do it here, believe in what you can see here in the physical, not some ‘idea’ which is just in the mind. It takes action and it takes letting go of the ego. Let’s fix this.

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