Music: Beyonce is a Bully

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I dare to say Beyonce is a bully. She is not alone, I’m aware of that . There are a team of people pushing her, ‘advising’ her, all in the name of ratings and profit/money, to ‘up her game’ to compete with Lady Gaga. I’m talking about her new video/song ‘Girl’s run the World’ or whatever it’s called. I did see a ‘preview’ of the full (actually had to fast forward after minute or so) song. It just makes me plain sick but another Desteni member has said it all in her excellent vlog-

I just had to add one thing; when this new video came on, my step daughter ran into the room full of fun and life and started dancing -which was actually so nice to see her joy- saying how much she loved Beyonce, admired Beyonce, wished she was as beautiful as Beyonce, wished she was as talented as Beyonce.  She couldn’t say enough and I was quite shocked and horrified by the extent of her adoration,  seeing this singer as somewhat of a ‘goddess’ to be viewed from afar and revered, herself  never to attain such greatness as this person.

I realize I too was once 18 but , honestly, I believe the amount of visual images the kids today receive is vast and more extreme in its blatent materialism. Teaching them clearly sex=money=power=clothes=expensive cars=celebrity….these are the important ‘things’ you should want, desire, reach for, live for ,die for.

Why is Beyonce a bully?  My step daughter is a beautiful young woman with a life full of opportunity ahead. However, this is not the case for many young girls and boys , who-some of them- probably just feel like crap/less than/inferior to this image (gee none of the dancers in the video were ‘plain’ ‘overweight’).  ‘I’m spectactular’, Beyonce shouts (words unspoken) and I’m getting bigger, stronger, more, more, more of a ‘star’ and you are not NOR do you have any hope of being me. Money, money, money is what she is , a machine that makes money…no matter what.

There is a solution; an Equal Money System. Equal Money will end celebrities, there will no need or motive or desire to elevate one person over another as we all stand as one as all as equal.

Please check it out at EqualMoney.Org.


  1. Katie C. says:

    Thanks for sharing this Sandy!

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