Why Sex Sells

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sex sell because we are programmed to be addicted to it.  We get stuck in cycles within the mind (hmm, kinda like the circle of life) so we see an image and it sends messages to the brain and the brain sends the message to the body “I want , I need , I desire this high”.  The orgasm although fleeting , the idea, anticipation of it, is a huge human distraction. Not suggesting it doesn’t feel ‘good’ but at what cost.

Also, if I see an ad of a woman who is supposedly desirable and she is wearing certain jeans, perfume etc. I will automatically associate this when I think about making a purchase, “I want to be desired by men like women who wear this brand.” Voila, the company makes a sale.

So, why do I want to be desired by men? Well, this  has mostly to do with the money system.  Rarely, if ever, does it have anything to do with what is best for all. Self interest, survival, greed are some descriptions that come up. I won’t discount the desire for company and companionship that is often the result of a  ‘romantic’ union between two people but I can get that with other friends,  co-workers,  aquaintances, and family.  I also won’t discount the desire to fulfill the sexual urge that one builds up over time and the overwhelming need to ‘release’ it but to be honest you don’t need another person to do that. It can be done all by ones self.   And why the desire to be attractive to ‘men’ and not just one ‘man’?

I believe the need to be desired by ‘men’ is because one may need to go back to the well  should things not work out with the current partner.  You still gotta have the ‘goods’ to attract another!  As a young woman, I wanted marriage-seal the deal- to have children and provide income, support.  A family costs substantially more than living on your own.    Yes, one of the major reasons sex sells is so women can copy the image they see in the media and feel they possess the physical presentation that will attract a man and that will result in financial support and survival needs met. Plain and simple.

In an equal money system this type of dependency does not exist because all of ones basic living needs are met. There would be no need to have a legal pairing with another to attempt to  ensure financial stability.

Please check out EqualMoney.org

  1. Pierce Drake says:

    great piece right here

  2. yeap, marketing uses sexy looking models all the time to get into our pockets. But that’s life, we want to be successful like others and we mistakenly think that that’s “jeans” make that lady pretty. We don’t care about the fact that she has to spend hours in a fitness centre every day to have such nice shape.

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