Loss: What I now realize. What I will and will not accept and allow.

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I realise the word loss is not negative/bad /wrong but it is in my power in the moment to decide whether to energetically charge this word or not. The word ‘loss’ is part of my vocabulary I use as a tool to communicate and I am in the process of re-defining words so as not to react with energy to them  which can harm me and others.

I no longer accept and allow myself to negatively charge the word ‘loss’ with energy.

I accept and allow myself to re-define the word loss.

I realise myself and my children have not lost anything by them growing up/becoming adults.

I realise I have not lost a marriage but opened the door to a future, liveable, union with my now husband. I realise my children did not lose their dad, as he was always present in their lives.

I realise my children and I are not separate so I can never really  lose them.

I no longer accept and allow myself to connect the words mother/Jaclyn/Garrett   with the negatively charged word ‘loss’. I accept and allow myself to stop and breath if I feel I am reacting to a connection of these words with energy and take responsibility for myself here for whatever I need to do be at peace with the current situation.

I realise death is not a loss but a transition. I realise the words storm/speed/alone/car accident/sad/coffin do not have to be associated with the word loss in a negative way but are simple tools I use to communicate.

I do not accept and allow myself to charge these words  negatively,  bring up pictures in my mind of losing my children in a car accident.

I no longer accept and allow myself  to connect these words to a  negatively  charged ‘feeling’ of loss.


Whenever I go into an energetic reaction of fear , when I think about my children being in a car accident – I stop and I breath.

I realise that I direct myself here in the physical and stop all reactions based on fear towards them – causing me to react in words towards them wanting to not ‘lose’ them.

If I find myself wanting to control how my son’s friends drive – I realise I am in a fear based reaction – and stop myself. I no longer accept and allow myself to be directed by this fear of losing them causing me to want to control events which in my mind could cause them harm.



Loss:  dictionary definition   a.  something  that is lost         b.  failure  to win, failure to keep/have         c. death        d. ruin    e. being without


To let go of all beliefs and ideas of the mind consciousness systems; limitation, diminishment, competition, differences and be left with what is real, here in each breath, in the physical. A reminder to never become ‘lost’ in my mind again—never ‘lose’ one’s self again.





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