Quantum Self Realizations

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I had a quantum self realization occur in a dream last week. It was quite significant for me. I believe it is a direct result of being involved with Desteni  and taking the Desteni I Process course.
I have always been a very jealous , insecure, possessive person when involved in a ‘romantic’ relationship. This has plagued me greatly over my lifetime. I have agonized over this point for probably 30 years, seen shrinks, used substances to numb my feelings, gone on the gerbal wheel in my mind for hours at a time. Although it had subsided somewhat with some experience, picking a more appropriate partner, it was still ‘there’.
The dream was quite short and to the point but VERY powerful. Simply, in the dream, my husband was quite ‘taken’ by a younger, beautiful, fascinating and talented woman (hard to describe how I would ‘know’ this in a dream but you know how are dreams are-so somehow I ‘got’ this , that this was some extraordinary woman). I had that horrible , gut wrenching, all too familiar feeling of terror, threat overcome me and then, quite simply, a thought came to me , ‘Oh, I have me!”.  That was it , just one thought, that I was enough.
I could not control anyone else, ‘my man’ or anyone whom he came in contact with-and that was the point I could not come to terms with, in my life-how can I be/live at peace when I do not have control. I could see, over the years, that being jealous of other women and living in fear of abandonment was useless and a simply unacceptable way to live but I couldn’t control it so how does one cope with this? When that thought came to me in the dream, it was absolute! Nothing else needed. Very cool indeed!
In my course, I am learning that, I in fact, have everything I need already, as I exist ‘here’ in this moment of breath. Now I walk this realization, not only each day but in each moment. There is nothing we have to ‘wait’ for, no bullshit ascension process to attain or climb, all we are exists already-here!
We are in the process of bringing heaven to earth, we are in the process of birthing ones self in the physical, as life. And we are in the process of bringing equality to earth through an equal money system. Please, check out Desteni.co.za for yourself and join us!

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