Whenever I think of Communism, an image of Chairman Mao comes to mind and an army of citizens (soldiers) all dressed the same, rather obedient and robot-like.  I have thoughts like, ‘well, at least the population has more than they used to’ or ‘the poor people, they are no longer individuals but just a number in the system-no face- just a body but a body that is being ‘taken care of’ because they arn’t capable of taking care of themselves’. ‘I’m sure they all live in little identical boxes, they call home, with no self expression’.

Little did I understand at the time, I was a ‘robot’ in the system, just the same, only an ocean and a word ‘capitalism’ separated us.

When I think of Communism, I think of order in a boring way, taking the zest/fun out of life as self expression, no individualism and no choice in ones life work/career/job. ‘You must do what is needed by the ‘state’ or off to jail you go’, kind of thing. Not suggesting that is what Communism ‘is’ but these are some of people’s preconceived notions and fears.

So if equal money is not that , what is it?

Life in an equal money system would be the opposite of sameness, robotic existance, no choices, no freedom…what it would do is enable all-NOT JUST THE RICH- to enjoy the opportunity that -once there is no struggle for survival as all ‘need’s are met-money allows for one to choose what food you would like to enjoy and cook for yourself and your family, decorate your home-indeed participate in the planning of your home-in your own self expression.  Write music for all to enjoy, perform, play your favourite sport, support and assist others in any and all ways-because now you have an opportunity to do so.  No more military and military spending, no defence needed, no boarders to keep you in or keep you out. We are one and equal, in all ways, to all that exist.

This is life! What we are existing as now , is that life? No, that is survival, suffering and premature death for most, and that is greed and selective hearing/seeing/feeling of the elite.

Life, is what many people at Desteni are busy investigating and preparing for, by creating a truly compassionate, benevolent alternative to the money system that now powers and controls the world.

Equal Money, join us. EqualMoney.Org.


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