What happens when I accept an idea of ‘God’

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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When I accept the idea of a ‘God’, assuming this is an all powerful, loving , creator, I put myself in a position that is ‘smaller’, ‘less powerful’. I assume there is something, some being that ‘made’ me for a reason and I can only ‘hope’ there is a benevolent reason for my existence.   ‘Hope’ itself is not empowering and I wait/walk..err…stumble blindly along life’s path with only faith (interesting hope and faith both also ‘ideas’ in my mind) trying to do what is ‘right’ (hard to say what right is, as it is different according to your experience) until the day I die so I may enter the kingdom of this ‘leader’. Hmmm…not much to grab hold of there but it’s all I got.

If I accept the idea of ‘God’ I isolate myself -as one person trying to do what I conjure is ‘right’-from my fellow human beings, the animal kingdom and nature. I live an existence based largely, if not solely, upon self interest because I am in fact in my head-my mind with beliefs that direct me. I accept the notion that there is a ‘right’ path or ‘wrong’ path for me and he=God ain’t gonna tell me which way to go. I  buy into the notion of ‘signs’, ‘a calling’, ‘answered prayers’, that I now understand to be all thoughts, feelings, dreams- from my mind!

I am taught and ‘feel’ compelled to go to university, get married, have children, have the same ‘faith’ as my parents, go to the cottage like my parents, buy a home like my parents, have the same values more or less as my parents. I am plagued with guilt, worry, shame, fear, fear, fear…like my father , told to be grateful but it’s good to want and get more, more, more…don’t question the big stuff like where I came from and where I’m going beyond this life-we told you-God made you-God loves you-so be a good little unit and shut up.

What do I allow? When the belief in God is accepted I allow everything and everyone else-save my immediate family and few friends and pets-to sink or swim on their own. Hey, I gotta enough problems trying to survive. I allow the ‘survival of the fittest’ approach to life.

The consequences of this are enormous. Just considering my own little life, then times that by about 7 billion. Everyday is consumed in self interest; how do I get enough money for me, my family, if I have enough money-how do I get more! OMG what is this on my body, i’m gonna die!, how do I save me?, how do I save for the future, how do I remain youthful, how do I loose this weight?, how do I compete with other women so I don’t loose the main breadwinner in the house?, how do I get better abs, tight butt?, afford to get my hair highlighted, get a new car-mine is getting old, go down south-need to save for that , get that new tv-please God , help me  earn more so I can by the new ipad. Need I say more, it goes on and on. Oh yes, give a dollar to the guy on the street and some at Christmas-’tis the season for giving afterall. Gives you a nice warm feeling.

So, one consequence; I turn a blind eye to the suffering of millions of people who are starving, who have no clean water, who have no education, who have little or no hope of a better tomorrow . Me and 7 billion others do this . We are obsessed/possessed by the mind, we are focused inward with god/spirituality/one religion or another and not dealing with what is here in the physical in a practical and logical/mathematical  way.

Speaking of mathematics, I have on several occasions ‘joked’ with my family that if only everyone in the world-not those in the 3rd world-gave me $1.00 that would be enough, I’d be rich and content and it wouldn’t hurt them one bit! They all laugh and agree I’m a little ‘crazy’. Well, what of it? How about it? It makes mathematical sense? Of course not that exactly, but a new way, a way that is based on what is best for all.

At Desteni we support an Equal Money System, please visit EqualMoney.Org. It is the only solution that is truly humane for our earth.


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