Largely what and who I am is a library of accumulated knowledge and information, filed in my brain/ mind. I am largely knowledge and information in the form of remembered experiences-I call upon with my memroy that tell me how to react/feel/  to a certain situation. These ‘memories’ in fact are copied from our parents as we are raised by them as an example and so it goes from one generation to the next. Talk about robotic! I suppose we do ‘tweek’ various personality traits but we are basically little copies of each other. Its actually pretty funny, if it wasn’t so tragic that human beings war with each other, partly over ‘differences’ in religion, skin color, regions, ownership of land, it goes on, when we are all actually very much the same.

So if I continually reference memories/pictures in my mind of events from past experiences, to tell me how to act/feel today to a certain situation nothing new will occur that will bring about any lasting , effective change! Oh, I could go back to school and get more knowledge and information  but how would I as a person on earth do/contribute  something completely different, which is required if a different result is to occur, which this planet sorely needs.

Many things we experience are based on ‘excitment’. It is actually a distraction and a very effective one! An average day of an average Canadian-in winter-can be dull, depressing-get dressed , kids to school, work hard in an office enviroment 8 hours, exhausted by the end of the week and have little to no extra money to show for it, stress, behind on bills, its dark and cold…need a reason to carry on so ‘experences’ which awaken the senses/emotions work well. Whether it be a fast, thrilling adventure on skis or motorcycle or exposure to a religious/spiritual  ‘miracle’ or the thrill of a new life/baby being born. Yes these ‘experiences’ are what we thrive on, hold on to, when times are tough or just the same=boring to humans, to keep us going to… damn it, make us feel alive! I used to use large doses of alcohol for that, worked quite well for several year and then.. well.. it didn’t.  Or a new ’cause’ to focus on and ‘fight’ for; someone has cancer, tragic starvation in Somalia, oust a dictator through revolution, write a song about revolution, listen to a song about revolution and feel heartache,pangs sympathy for a fellow human being, if only for a few moments.  These exciting-happy exciting-or sad exciting-experiences bring us together for a short while. But no one really means it, the togetherness because we all resort back to self interest in no time.

If people really meant it they would demand their politicians to stop pouring billions of dollars-that could feed/house people today-into building weapons of war, fighter jets for the purposes of war and letting the elite hide and hoard their billions-money that could be used for the good of all.

The experience of a few who have reached the ‘American Dream’ is held out like the carrot on a stick to the’common’ people, who see the ultra wealthy paraded on tv and movie screens, in magazines and on the news, in the small hope that they too will be lucky, hit it big, achieve financial freedom, even win the lottery.  Watching the news last night I heard President Obama tell a vicious lie.  I generally like the guy but his comment really caught me off guard, maybe he even believes it, I don’t know. It was a Labor Day speech in Detroit, the auto industry hard hit by the ‘its not a recession’  recession, “…the American Dream is still achievable by all.”  Really? No, not really but it stirs up emotions and has a nice ring to it. Somewhat off topic but I couldn’t help but to mention that, it’s just so utterly and obviously false it shocks me no one has commented on the insanity of that statement.

I play a game with myself  when ‘things’ get really bad in my life. It goes like this ; what if I had no prior knowledge of my life and I was just beamed into this body and circumstances–so I just found myself here in this life with the present ‘problems’ conditions, body, people, etc?   What occurs is the emotions/feelings/ confusion with so many thoughts from the past as experiences-quite literally, disappear!  So no past experiences to draw on=slow you down/fill you with anguish,  no assumptions to make- and voila…common sense marches forth.  Much simplification instantly occurs, looking at facts as numbers, mathematics, options, a calm atmosphere ensues, the mind moves slower and more concise, decisions are made quicker ,without the stronghold of fear-when there was no actual threat at the moment or near future-manipulating and sabotaging them.  I can breath, my body relaxes, I become grateful for what I have, all when I remove the mind- the mind as the past, as experiences.  Try it sometime!

So if we don’t ‘draw upon’ past experiences to tell us what to do, what to think, how to act, how to feel…what do we do?!   Well, you can check out Desteni to get the answers to that . Another thing Obama put to the crowd in Detroit , in his Labor Day speech, was that, just as in the past, Americans would do what they  have always  done and ‘get to work’/ rise up/ not give up -kind of thing. Unfortunately for the whole world, another thing that happens-if you look at experience/history to tell you where you’re going-when the world economies are floundering and then collapse;   W  A  R . . .

There is an alternative, there is in fact a solution. Better than the American lottery..err I mean dream. It is Equal Money. Equal Money for All to live a dignified life. It is bringing heaven to earth. It is what a few people are busy doing. Please join us at Desteni. Please investigate EqualMoney.Org

  1. you’re sharp, I like it a lot

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