What is euthanasia? According to Wikipedia, as of the date of this article November 16/11, euthanasia refers to, ‘…the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering.’ Also ‘ …the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human ‘ As well, referred to as;  physician assisted suicide, mercy killing, right-to -die, living wills.

In an equal money society, we will base our principals on what is best for all, in all ways. We will take responsibility for the equal care of one another as never before, no longer abdicating this responsibility onto a ‘higher power’ God figure. We will look at each individual human being’s ‘case’ or physical health situation and make a common sense decision. So the answer would be yes, sometimes, appropriately, carefully the option of euthanasia will be investigated and chosen. Other times it will not be chosen.

Is the being conscious? Did they communicate what their wish was with regards to the end of their life, prior to being incompasinated? Are they in terrible pain? What is the likelihood of recovery? These are some of the issues that will be taken into consideration. No one will be compromised, forced to do something they don`t want, de-valued as life, be expendable.

It will not be as controversial a topic/issue in an equal money system as there will be no suspicion as to other’s motives to have a ‘loved’ one die/gone. There will no no life insurance,  as all are taken care of from birth to death equally,there will be no need for insurance. There will be no inheritance/fortune left as all is owned equally, no one ‘owns’ land or buildings, as in homes or businesses, but occupies a home for free while they are here. So, no one will `benefit` from anyone passing on.

In an equal money system society we will provide, for free, a `therapist`psychologist who can assist with making a decision such as this by talking with the patient firstly, if possible, and then with the  doctors and  family. All points will be carefully considered with utmost compassion, nothing else will be acceptable or allowed. We will live by the principal `Do unto others as you would have them do unto you`and `Love they neighbor as thyself`.  We will live by the principal that we are literally one and equal.

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