Well that’s capitalism for you! Find a gap in the market and fill it. If it isn’t good for people but it makes you rich, who cares. If it doesn’t blatantly harm anyone (right away, not that is obvious) marvelous. Off you go, fill your coffers which is translates to ‘ take advantage of the middle and lower income population’.  A clear example of this is the fairly recent production of cheap glasses, perscription and reading glasses.

I wear contact lenses, I never saw the point in spending money on having both glasses and contacts so I was shocked and dismayed when my son, needing glasses for the first time at 20, went glasses hunting. It seems an average price for a  pair of glasses is about $350-$400 dollars. OMG I don’t have that kind of ‘extra’ money just lying around. Also new to me was how the frame and the lense is quoted separately, ‘well, the frame runs about 150 and the lense will be about 250’. WTF are you going to do with just the frame or just the lense, sounds scamish. So I went online and found some sites that were cheap, glasses-frame and lense!- for about 150. Is the quality as good, I bet not. I don’t feel good about it but he’ll have to buy better ones himself when he’s finished university and working or after his summer job. That’s just the way it is.

I cannot stand the irony when people with money, who have no idea what it is like to worry about one late bill one month of their entire life, let alone  not be able to pay your bills on time for most of your adult life, criticize us who work hard for very little, ‘why doesn’t someone in your mother’s house get you a decent pair of  glasses?’ How astute, the reason is because you are the only one who really has my son’t best interest at heart and we’re all just a bunch of selfish and stupid morons.

I buy my reading glasses at the dollar store, they cost well, one dollar. Perhaps it hasn’t been a very good idea because I notice my eye sight worsening. It’s a practical accounting dilemma.  Not smart but there just isn’t enough at the end of the pay cheque so we cut where we can.

In an equal money system there will no longer exist competition  as all goods will be available to all people equally. Profit and loss will therefore be eliminated. All products will be made to last with the best possible available materials. Only quality in an Equal Money System and available for all.

No more taking advantage of a ‘niche in the market’ by making a sub-standard product that will break down within a year (or less) and possibly do harm to a fellow human being- for profit!  No taking advantage of the large under privileged group of people to get rich and for ego, ‘Oh, look how successful I am. Look how important I am..blah, blah, blah.’  That’s deplorable behavior!

Only the best quality eye wear produced will be acceptable as we learn to exist as all as one as equals. Does your child deserve that? We are all one family of earthlings. Let’s start acting as such. Please investigate Equal Money.Org

  1. Marlen says:

    very cool reality-check here, it is definitely ludicrous having to pay that much for something that is health-related – but this is a world wherein health has become a ‘scare’ instead of a care, so in an Equal Money System we won’t require to scam each other for the sake of profit with any items that should be regarded as part of the necessary self support at a physical level.

    Thanks Sandy

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