Vacations cost money, a lot of money! I like the term ‘world travel’ as we are not equally able to enjoy ‘vacations’.  I live in an area where several people are in a financial position to vacation often. I am often ’embarrassed’ when asked , ‘Do you and your family have plans for the holidays?’  and then I give some excuse as to why we are ‘just staying home’. To be polite I return the question and more times than not feel ‘less than’ as they regale their plans to take the kids down south to some exotic island, a ‘Disney Cruise’,  ski at ‘Whistler’, go camping in northern Ontario or ‘just go to the cottage’. I sometimes dare to fantasize about free world travel but in an Equal Money Society this will be a reality.

With the implementation of equal money there will be no boarders as such. Of course, at least at first, the boarders will remain so we can practically describe an allocation point in our world to ensure safe air traffic control, distribution of goods, reference points for communication etc.  However, all will be free to cross any boarders.  There will be  no passports the way they are designed now but again identification which states where your home address is located to facilitate communication in common sense.

How is this possible?  Won’t there be anarchy?  To be sure, it is a massive undertaking and there will be a period of transition which will be dealt with carefully and slowly. However, if there exists no lack in ones life, no threat of loss but a slow,steady understanding/assurance  of what this new way of life will bring, most of the violence, theft, mental instability, desperation and suspicion that leads to unrest and uprisings will disappear.

Let’s look at it practically. Which societies have the most political unrest of late?  The ones where the population have no say in political decision making and live under strict rule of a dictatorship or military. Who commits most of the crimes in society, as in theft, rape, murder? The under privileged, poor. Why? Because they are consumed with FEAR of survival every second.  Let’s face it , if you do not have money , you die. Perhaps an escape is in order, get drunk or high, at least you have temporary relief. Then you have an addict, which then moves in more fear on the hunt for more money in more desperation which leads to desperate acts=crime.  Greed is also a factor which is a form of mental disorder (when one has enough) and will be addressed as such. Also acts of violence will not be tolerated and these beings will be sent for correction for their own benefit and to protect others and not released untli they understand what it means to live in an society where all are equal IN FACT.

Last time I looked Paris Hilton wasn’t too stressed out about how she was going to feed herself let alone which vacation ‘home’ she should purchase in the south of France. I wonder how many homes these American ‘royals’ own all over the world?  Plenty, that’s how many! I’m not jealous, I’m disgusted. I do not accept and allow this in my world any longer therefore I am one vote for an Equal Money System in which all will have the opportunity to have a massage on the beach, make lazy love to their partner, enjoy the best in fine dining and explore the caves across the lagoon the next morning. No desperation but relaxation. How about hiking in Scotland, a cruise in Alaska, a train ride through the Canadian Rockies, a lobster fest in a quaint Nova Scotia harbor town.  I could go on and on. Beautiful Earth!

And so, in an equal money society we will all be free to move about/explore earth, with no money restrictions, cultural restrictions, sexual restrictions, religious restrictions or government restrictions that currently bind us today.

Please stand with us, investigate EqualMoney.Org and Desteni.Org and dare to be free, dare to have a life worth living, dare to shout  ‘None are free, until all are free!’

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