No more ‘Occupy Wall Street’  form of protesting with the implementation of an Equal Money System (EMS).  As we have seen throughout history, this form of protesting does not accomplish what it sets out to do; bring about lasting and effective social change in creating a more just society.  It does make the world sit up and take notice that many people desire change for economic reform however, if a dictatorship in brought down, it is inevitably  replaced by military rule and eventually another form of dictatorship and in the democratic nations protesting on this scale has not resulted in sufficient action to change society systems  to enrich the lives of those so desperate for change.

So the lives of the average person stays the same or worsens as inflation increases, the rich still have the power and thus continue to get richer and the poor get poorer. Been there, done that and now we can buy the OWS T-shirt.

The ‘Occupy’ movements around the world have mostly been shut down, the government officials stating, ‘Ok, we tolerated your little display, now get out of the public park  and shut up. We have christmas shopping to do.’  The elite, powerful and rich do not care ‘enough’ about those who are suffering = they don’t give a shit. We have to act to enact change because they will not, they happen to like their slaves, which is ‘us’.

In an EMS no public protests will exist because all basic needs will be provided for. All will receive the same (not all look the same!), which will be all one needs; food, a home, required clothing, furnishings, all essential utilities such as heat, communication devices, transportation, education, vacation, medical services and supplies, etc. If one desires something ‘extra’ that is not a necessity, one can do physical labor to earn enough credits to acquire it!

No need to put yourself in harms way from the elements, police spraying pepper in your eyes or beating you and dragging you off to jail, government officials and the newscasters spewing nasty shit about you  just because you demand a dignified life for yourself and your family, the ‘public’ yelling at you to get off your lazy ass and get to work like the rest of them when you know damn well the cards were all stacked against you from day one and there is nothing you can do to ‘get out of jail’.

You have been heard, you are heard, please investigate EqualMoney.Org and Desteni.Org    Please join us.

Together we are millions and millions. Together we are strong. Equality IN FACT:  Nothing else is acceptable or tolerable.

  1. fisherhorne says:

    Where does the money come from to pay for the “basic needs” for everyone?

  2. fisherhorne says:

    Went to the websites to read what this was about, and I have a question. Above “basic needs” one can obtain “labor credits” (like calling it something different makes it different from money, but ok) in an “entertainment system” and then spend these credits in companies owned by “the people”. Is that basically the idea?

    If so, I have a couple of questions, I’m a musician, I currently make a few bucks on the side playing for a couple of groups during recording sessions. One or two of these groups are very popular, providing them a better income, allowing them to obtain better instrumentalists. The rest don’t make as much money from their shows and sales so I’m the best they can afford. How will your system work in the vastly diverse and wholly creative world of music with talents ranging from gifted to hack, and work ethics ranging from driven to slacker? Or will my hobby be sidelined as inefficient for the common good.

    A quote from the site:
    “”a post will have in effect a minimal quality and quantity as a reference to their post. Not adhering to these quality and or quantity principles will deem one as ineffectual for that post and hence one should be placed in a better suited work description for ones skills.””
    That handles the poorest performer, but what of the outstanding performer? Will excellence or diligence no longer be rewarded? Why would an individual go ”the extra mile” in his manufacturing environment if there is no incentive? And what of service industries, are we to tolerate only the barest minimal quality of service because there is no incentive to excellence? Where is the incentive for innovation/invention?

    A quote from the site:
    “”As manufacturing of products are directly related to what is in actual fact required by the people of the earth and not based in greed, dominance and power. The production of trivial goods will cease””
    So now the new state will determine what is “required by the people” and any other production is deemed trivial and will cease. Yeah, that’ll work.

    So based what I’ve read here, what is to keep my brother the beach bum from mooching off the system and doing nothing but surfing and stoning if the system is going to provide him a place to stay and food to eat? Does he steak or PBJ’s? Does anyone get steak? Probably not, NO one will take on the extreme labor of raising cattle if there is no reward for the additional labor;
    “lessee, I can work 16 hour days taking care of some less than intelligent bovines or I can lay on a beach and surf, same food, same house either way, gee I dunno, I vote beach.”

    Who is going to manage this system, keeping people honest, counting the beans (labor units?) evaluating the worth of the “entertainment”, etc.? You can’t say “the people”, because “the people” will be busy with their dream jobs in manufacturing. Right off the top you need a ruling class.

    None of this is new. Unless you have a very small population or a population of complete saints you will have an extremely difficult time making this viable for longer than an hour.

    • sandyjones says:

      Hi, an equal money system will be a system where there is no money. Yes, everything will be (all essentials for ‘life’) provided for all equally. Most people will not be lazy, as they naturally will want to contribute, create, research, move about etc. As we move from ‘survival’ to actual living in self expression as life, who knows what will happen? I believe the opposite except for a few. These people will be educated to learn ‘what is best for all’ is best for them too. There is a book on the store site FAQ’s which may be helpful to you or you can google it, as they may be online; Desteni FAQ’s Equal Money.
      Currently, we do not know ourselves without a survival mentality. There are several musicians that are active with Desteni. Music is self expression, art is self expression! I am a song writer as well. Cool that you are checking out Desteni.

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