Love and light, love and light, isn’t it wonderful?

Not so much if you’re an 16 year old orphaned girl(parents dead from Aids) HIV infected, with 2 young sisters and you have to labor  in a hot, dry field 9 hours a day just to scrounge a few coins to feed yourself and your sisters the bare minimum. You fall into bed in a basically empty mud hut with your sisters crying, huddling together on makeshift bed, you lay on the dirt floor and give the girls the only blanket, in fear of what tomorrow will bring. The neighbors and community feel sorry but cannot help but a little now and then. How will you face it all again tomorrow?  No hope for a better future, no dreams of boyfriends or even school, you just ‘pray’ the girls don’t get sick again. You cry yourself to sleep. This girl’s name is Seraphene. I learned about her story many years ago at a World Vision fund raiser. I saw the film of her and her home and her little sisters.  I have no idea what happened to them.

I found Deepak’s home on  Please take a look. A palatial mansion with swimming pool and tennis courts  and no doubt a whole lot more.  I have nothing against the man personally, he is but one example of a world gone mad; living in self interest and self justification, creating ‘many mansions’ in his mind…er sorry… in the sky for Seraphene and her sister’s when they have learnt all their ‘lessons’ in this world and pass onto the next.  Note: Since posting this blog a woman from Chopra’s office, named Carolyn made a comment, you can read below and then e-mailed, saying this is not Chopra’s home. Ok, I asked where is his home or a photo so I can correct the blog, how many homes does he have and where ?(obviously, I did not mean the exact address, which she claim she took my request as). She never responded. I don’t know , does it matter at all? I mean the guy’s a multi-multi-millionaire. Could be that mansion or another.  Abundance versus Starvation. Deepak versus One BILLION  * that’s 1000,000,000 people starving or without food today!  Tragic. Perhaps all the positive thinking will magically feed them. So sad, so tragic, so uneccessary. Charity will not effectively correct this disgusting problem. Nor will ‘positive’ messages and thinking, wake the F up people!

Deepak Chopra is an Indian American writer and public speaker, best known for covering topics such as spirituality and mind-body medicine.

His estimated net worth according to is a cool 75 million American dollars.Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

Hmm…this about sums it up, from Wikipedia;

Chopra is as rich as he is today … because his basic message — that love, health and happiness are possible, that mystery is real and that the universe is ultimately a friendly and benevolent place where orthodoxies old and new can meet and make peace with one another — is one that he wants to believe in just as sincerely as his readers do.”[1][2]

Well, isn’t that just the bees knees, all wrapped up neat and tidy so he can sleep in his designer sheets tonight. And the universe is benevolent you say, well I am an ass, I thought little children were dying in agony tonight from starvation–tell them that.  Will your words sooth them, will your charity reach them, heal them?  I think not.

In an Equal Money System you will not have to put up with such nonsense as these guru’s spread their ‘love and light’ messages. It is not working , clearly.  Nothing but equality will be tolerated, all will be given equal opportunity to ‘spread their wings’ not just a few.  All will be provided a home with clean water, a safe neighborhood,  food, healthcare, clothing, transportation, education and of the highest quality. Nothing but the best will be made ! Not one deserving or receiving more than another- because equal is equal is equal. You can’t manipulate it , you can’t fake it, you can’t fudge it, you can’t hide it. All will be known, nothing is owned but used respectfully while we are here.  This is our earth, this is our home.

Please investigate EqualMoney.Org

1 Tompkins, Ptolemy (2008-11-14). “”Time”, New Age Supersage, Ptolemy Tompkins, November 14, 2008″. Retrieved 2011-02-18.

2. ^ a b TNN, Apr 15, 2001, 02.04pm IST (2001-04-15). “The Times of India, Halyeema Sayed, The Mind-Body, April 15, 2001”. Retrieved 2011-02-18.

  1. claire says:

    this is a fucking great article. thanks for calling deepak on his bullshitedness, but also no equal currency will solve the power dynamics that create the misery of capitalism. no standard can equate to real experience and voluntaristic mutual aid. – ❤ c

  2. carolyn r says:

    Hi Sandy,

    This is Carolyn from Deepak Chopra’s office. The information you have posted is inaccurate. The home you are referring to does not belong to Dr. Deepak Chopra. Please make a correction.

    Thank you,

    • sandyjones says:


      I will be glad to when I am informed of the truth.

      What is his address? or photo (?)How many residences does he own? Where are they?

      are you his partner/wife, why are you contacting me?


  3. From my understanding of how life works it is soley our consciousness that creates our reality. So, if we have not recognized the fundamental truth that there is no lack or limitation except that of our own obscured perception, then we will continue to manifest poverty. Even if we win the lottery we will quickly find ourself broke if we have not developed a prosperity belief system as our foundation. There is only God, Source, Oneness, or whatever we want to call this great mystery that allows us, and IT knows no lack, no poverty, no hunger because by ITS very nature IT is infinitely full. The Course in Miracles states that we only need to heal our perception to create a miracle. Whatever we identify with right now becomes our experience. So, by demonizing Depak Chopra we are really saying that there is God and something else, but in reality there is only God as something else. We are all individual facets of the Universal Mind experiencing the Divine Dance in us, as us, and through us. The only way to heal the world is to heal our perception, let go of judgement and finger pointing, and as Ghandi so eloquently put it ‘become the change you want to see in the world’. I don’t know Depak personally but I am very certain that he is an incredibly generous soul even though he chooses to live in a prosperous style which reflects Divine prosperity.

    • sandyjones says:

      Blah, blah, blah, another child, 5 years old or younger, died of starvation in AGONY while you typed those pretty words. They are useless. I am not demonizing anyone or anything. I am standing up/speaking up for life. What are you doing? I am not comparing, we are in fact one and equal. Doing nothing is unacceptable.

    • sandyjones says:

      I am not suggesting he is undeserving, I am saying each of those children that will die today are equally deserving. We all deserve and can live like a ‘millionaire’ but obviously it won’t / is not going to just happen, the physical world demands we DO SOMETHING to make the world changes to allow all to live abundantly-not just some. Investigate

  4. thanks, cool blog, how true

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