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What is a breadline anyway? A breadline is a line a of people waiting to receive food given by a charitable or public agency. This food is free for prople who have no money, often due to unemployment, as during the Great Depression.

No, there will be no breadlines in an Equal Money System (EMS). It will not be a system of scarcity. Scarcity is what we have now but it is a lie! Visions of breadlines are what the world governments and corporations would like you to think will occur, when the world changes to a system of equality, so you stay in your place, way behind the wealthy, and don’t demand change. They want you in fear so you remain paralyzed and powerless.

There is much fear around the idea of not charging people for food= ‘paying a price’, like we will run out or go broke.  Nothing could be further from the truth,  we have already figured out all the ways to mass produce food, on very little land, in controlled enviroments where no seasons have any influence. It can be done on a worldwide scale, we currently have all the technology for this ‘miracle’ to occur.  And we see the evidence of this already today, in our grocery stores .  Behold, the beautiful, genetically modified fruits and vegetables.  Most justly, much of the land now used for farming will become the home of the animals again!

Wouldn’t it be great if part of a young persons education was spent on a farm practically learning how to produce food. Since food is a basic human need why not make it a basic educational requirement, to live on a farm in a commune style for a few years , taking responsibility for food production on a global scale. We will do this for the children to come, so that when they sit around the campfire listening to stories from the ‘elders’ talking of the days when humans would see a starving child and just walk on by, not giving it another thought- they are in shock and disbelief because life is so utterly different for them. Their littles eyes will bulge in horror, ‘Really, but they cared, they came back, right?’  ‘No.. for a moment or two they cared but they left the little child alone to die, in agony, no one ever came back.’ This is the legacy now.  Let it be that the above example is considered disgusting, inexcusable, murder ! Never, ever to happen again!

Food production is a simple repetitive formula of planting, tending to with water and nourishment and harvesting, nothing need be re-invented. It is a cycle that repeats itself and all the knowledge necessary to have successful, sufficient food production  for our world already exists.  There are enough existing farms on the earth now, none need be added to produce enough for all.

Some foods and food products will no longer be needed so not produced. Since competition and brands will  no longer exist, several products won’t be made (that had no nutritional value or worse had negative effects on our health) they were only ever made for profit not to feed/nouish. Since profit motive is eliminated, we will simply produce quality foods that are the best for all.  Since much stress will be eliminated, we will not feel the need to overeat and become obese in such vast numbers and alternatively, mental illnesses such as eating disorders, will appear less and less in the human.

I suppose you may have to line up a few minutes at a grocery store, as you do now, but this should even be more efficient as there will be no exchange of money, you are able to take what you and your family require for nutrition and cooking enjoyment.

Much of the earth will return to it’s natural condition as the world rests and breathes and re-births itself.  An EMS will be the end of the human and the beginning of the earthling!

 The implementation of an Equal Money System (EMS) will be a process. Part of that process will be changing the current world systems (the banking system, the health care system, the education system etc) to what is best for all.  An EMS, at it’s core, supports all human life, as one as equal, and in that no one person, race, culture gets treated differently than another, advocating all deserve their needs met, to survive and thrive with dignity and respect, in this world.

People have different needs and at varying times of their life and in various regions according to climate, geographical conditions, and ease of access so there are many considerations. Therefore, a group of people may have special needs to be met that vary with other people but this will be dealt with on an ongoing and ‘as needed’ basis not because of what occurred in past history of this world. We can learn from history, in a practical way, without carrying an unnecessary load of knowledge and information, of memories and emotions-we will take into consideration just what it needed in the present and necessary to support life now.

No decisions, changes will be made according to the past as ‘compensation’ for past mistakes/injustices/ except for using a common sense approach as in what works and what doesn’t. We, as  the human race have all suffered and we all need to stand as one as equal, to fix the problems that face our world.

Therefore, we as the human race must honor each life, no longer in separation, … are separate from me so I live in self interest and ultimatly care about what is best for me ( and my family ) and your life has no effect on mine. No, we are all not only connected but live equal and one which means decisions are made on a ‘what is best for all’ basis. So if there are practices in place that are ‘working’ that when looked at from a ‘best for all’ stand point, then they will remain. Perhpas they will be altered over time, perhaps they will be implemented in a wider geographical area for more of the population, perhaps they will fade out, whatever is best for all of humanity and not just Indigenous people.

Let’s look at a few practical examples: jobs/university/housing

If there was legislation in place that specified Indigeous people would be hired on certain projects, to make up for a certain % of the total work force required, this would no longer be in place. Understand, one will not have to work for money=income. Each person will receive equal money per week/month/year in credits/earth dollars (whatever name is given the currency) so each Indigenous person will receive exactly the same as Brad Pitt-from birth to death-really! Do both of these people have equal access to all of the needed goods and services?  Are they both able to purchase what they want and require for their household? Do they both have the same opportunity to choose how they want to express themselves (ie. work=service or hobby), whether it be in building houses, painting houses, painting the landscape, working with animals etc.?   In the early stages of equal money, probably not and this will be addressed in other equal money writings.  Needless to say,  work will not be defined the way it is now.

Another example would be if there is a manditory requirement for universities to accept a certain % of Indigenous Peoples into certain programs or for the ‘standard’ to be different, such as lower grades required, or the cost to attend is lower. This would no longer be in place/law because schools such as these would have no cost to attend. The entire school system would have changes implemented over time but in an EMS there would be no ‘tuition’ cost, cost for materials/text books etc. that is now part of the regular /accepted/norm post secondary education system in, for example, Canada.

True free choice will open up (now choice is dependent on/restricted by how much money one has) so many will choose not to attend a regular school but to learn something different that truely intersts them.

Another example of  ‘rights’ that are possibly, currently in place to live outside the system that will no longer be necessary is;  reduced income tax, property tax, sales tax, and reduced fee for service such as public transportation. The need for these ‘rights’ will be eliminated by an equal money system because there will be no system of taxation and if a certain credit/amount is required to pay for transportation , everyone will  have the same amount to start with each month so all will be able to afford it.

I am one vote for an Equal Money System. Please join us.

THOUGHT:  I should never have told my Dad to sell the cottage to one of his children

Trigger points

*Summer * Memories of the wedding-Muskoka theme *Muskoka-cottaging –seeing advertisements,chairs,commercials etc.

REALIZATIONS  I realize  the ‘season’ temperature outside being warm is just that-warm and does not have to relate to anything. I realize I can enjoy being outside when the temperature is warm, anywhere I happen to be at the  moment. I realize, one day –we, the beings here on earth-may be able to control the climate so one is comfortable all the time.  I realize memories and pictures, that pop up in my mind, when I think of my nephews wedding do not have to control me, that I can be the directive principal of me in the moment. I realize the company that helped my nephew with their wedding plans probably asked/suggested they ‘pick a theme ‘ to work with. I realize it is me going into/being directed by self-pity, self-abuse, self-punishment and self-victimization when I connect Spencer’s wedding with the cottage, and the day was about celebrating the union between the two beings and not me!! Lol!

I realize seeing advertisements/ items for sale/etc. for anything ‘Muskoka’ is just that –marketing to sell stuff I don’t have to let this outside image control me.

I realize , with the DIP course, I am in actual fact changing how I react to other beings, memories, images to become the self directive principal of myself ‘here’ with the breath.


SELF CORRECTIVE STATEMENT  Whenever the summer weather, memories of Spencer’s wedding theme, or seeing/hearing Muskoka advertising,  trigger the thought,  ‘I should have never told my Dad to sell the cottage to one of his children’, I stop, I breath. I no longer accept and allow myself to be directed by thoughts of self-pity, self-victimization  and finger pointing. Instead I realize that I am ‘here’ and using the breath I bring myself back to the physical and out of the mind. I remind myself to be grateful for all I have and get back to the task at hand, whether it be work or play.


Type of  Thought :  REGRET


I realize my regret of not owning the cottage is based  in self interest/ greed & as what is best for me and my family and in fear of the future as in not having enough money to protect myself and my family and not in what is best for all, as how I want to live today as a Destonian.

I realize this regret controls me in the form of thought , emotions and deed, in ways I do not want. I realize regret exists as and within me and feeds off of my physical human body and grows and extents outward to influence my children (and others)  so the ‘sins of the father’ are passed on from one generation to another. I realize this regret is from fear and becomes anger-an angry/dangerous demon who, at any given moment, will change and become vicious and perhaps violent/ vile and will do many things to  protect me,  my world and my family and doesn’t care about the fate of others.

I realize regret is an emotion existing within my own mind-it has no reality of it’s own. I am letting something that is not real control me so I am not really participating /directing myself in an effective way within my world.



Whenever I go into an energetic reaction of regret when I have the thought, ‘I should never have told my Dad to sell the cottage to one of his children’, I stop, I breath. I no longer accept and allow myself to focus on  thoughts and emotions based on self-pity about the past and fear of the future. Instead I bring myself back ‘here’ to the physical and know this is where I am effectively directing myself. I remind myself of all I am grateful for and the many ways to enjoy nature, in my current situation, on my own or with my family. I stop all forms of self-abuse and self-victimization  and get on with the task at hand. I remind myself how grateful I am to be part of the change toward an equal money , which will bring about an opportunity for all to enjoy nature and live without fear of not owning  ‘assets’ like buildings or land. The physical cannot be ‘owned’, it just is.