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According to Wikipedia as of this articles date BIG, a Basic Income Grant  is “…an unconditional government-insured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs.”

It will take several years of re-education before an Equal Money system is possible in this world. As everyone will agree, many, many people are suffering horribly on earth currently. So to alleviate the suffering and allow people the opportunity to  get out of a `survival`mentality, BIG will be sufficient to stabilize ones life. In fact the  Basic Income Grant is suggested and recommended  by those who advocate for an Equal Money System.

Once a person no longer has to focus just on survival as in  shelter, food, clothing, water one can expand ones awareness to just how extensive the abuse has become on earth.  With a basic income grant cost such as and including:  rent, mortgage, electricity, heat, clean water, food, health care, clothing and transportation would be covered. This is not an equal money system but a first step towards what we will create as actual heaven on earth.

With the implementation of BIG, there will still be rich and poor, better than less than, charity, polarities of all kinds, war, abuse from those ìn power who have the wealth, no power to stop the trillions of dollars allocated to space programs, the war machine ie. fighter jets, the latest hollywood film in which the ‘star’ gets paid 10 million dollars, the baseball player signed on for 50 million dollars per year, deception, profit and loss.

Yet, it is difficult to impossible to ponder let alone participate in a solution when you are trying to survive . Perhaps you have others who are depending on you for their survival as well, children, elderly parents. You get up at dawn, work you ass off, come home to other important obligations and fall into bed knowing you are trapped, there is no money left (you`re behind in bills, debt= the biggest evilest scam of all time) for you to take a vacation with your family, buy something for the home or children.

It`s time we look at this : money is not real, its an idea, designed for trade. Well then we can re-design it since it is not working best for all . It only supports the few with a life worth living.

We all breath the same air people, we are all born with nothing on our backs. We all need to eat and we all shit! Equally. We`re just making it up as we go along. Stop. Lets re-think, re-design, WTF, how is your faith and love working. I say:  don`t shut up, stand up, stand-up now!

BIG will be a start in the right direction.  Please investigate EqualMoney.Org  & to learn more!

These people are actually my ex-in-laws, as I have been separated from my first husband for about 17 year now. Because we had 2 children I still had several times/reason to interact with them over the years. It seems very messy and complicated to me right now as I write this. Lets see if I can keep moving and not go into my mind. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think this process is too difficult and I am too tierd to continue and I could do it tomorrow.

I will get right to the thought pattern:

I hate fuckin’ T. I hate them all. All their precious money, that’s first, then da, da, da, da, …the FAMILY. That’s all that matters. It’s quite sick because it took me years to get ‘comfortable’ with them and lovey dovey and then boom I was out, out , out! They ditched me with equal energy they initially used to embrace me. Yes, they came around quite a bit when others noticed how evil this was but all in all it ‘s like, ok..we’ll throw you a bone…now that’s enough, we help your children through their father. They are fucking rich and the brother mega rich and their daughter, my neice, is a horribly spoiled person. She delighted in humiliating my children -as did her mother- because they had the bucks to ‘inherit’ the family chalet early (they could carry it) so it gave them the excuse they needed to exercise/voice what they really believe; that they are superior and ‘better than’ so they treated my kids like crap. God I hate them all for that. My daughter was very courageous and stood up to them in a way that they could not alienate/destroy her further. She informed them repectfully she would not be going back to the ‘chalet’ so my bother in law ‘comes to the rescue’ to ‘smooth over’ what his hateful ,dispicable family did.  So my daughter is still stuck with them and ‘loves’ them but she saw the evil truth that is just underneath all their expensive clothes and cars. My sister in law said to me one year, ‘I’d love to do it every year, darlin'” suggesting she would take my daughter on a southern vacation yearly. Insensitive cow, I was just making ends meet and she and the others would swoop in and take them away, or buy a car (Mom, can I have gas money, can you help pay for car repairs?) expensive snowboard equipment, weekends at expensive cottage on and on. No it didn’t help in the long run, it was fucking humiliating.  I have sucked up to them for years so that I don’t ‘hurt my children’ and for that my ex screamed at me last week ‘you fucking bitch’ when all I have ever done is tried my best to ‘get along’ with him and his family. Enough is enough. Fuck them.

Thought:  I hate my ex-husbands family. They are all rich and think they are better than me because I was in need. I hope they rot.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think, ‘I hate my ex-husbands family. They are all rich and think they are better than me because I was in need. I hope they rot.’ I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by and go into an energetic reaction within my physical human body of the following harmful emotions: fear, guilt, shame, humiliation, hatred, sorrow, rejection, lonliness, regret, vulnerability, anger and inferiority at the thought, ‘ I hate my ex-husbands family. They are all rich and think they are better than me because I was in need. I hope they rot.’ I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect the words: chalet, cottage, Muskoka, wealth, rich, money, family, christmas, children, unfair, alcoholism, insane, husband, ex-husband, love, revenge, car, Mercedes, BMW, clothes, jewlery to the thought, ‘ I hate my ex-husbands family. They are all rich and think they are better than me because I was in need. I hope they rot.’

Self Corrective Statement:

Whenever I go into an energetic reaction of  fear, guilt, shame, humiliation, hatred, sorrow, rejection, lonliness, regret, vulnerability, anger and inferiority at the thought, ‘ I hate my ex-husbands family. They are all rich and think they are better than me because I was in need. I hope they rot’, I stop, I breathe.  I realize they have helped me (the children) in various ways throughout the years. I realize it is the money system and their own programming which directs them. I realize it is my responsibility, as I made the decision to have children, to provide for them. I realize I would probably behave the same way if I had become wealthy in this world.   I no longer accept and allow myself to blame others for my life circumstances as it is a waste of time. I accept and allow myself to heal through self forgiveness and be free from energy of memories (as pictures in my mind, thoughts, emotions) that could harm me. I accept and allow myself to walk in presence and awareness of my physical human body in each breath as that is what I can trust in this world. I accept and allow myself to end the cycle/timeloops that these reactions to thoughts have caused. I bring myself out of my mind of illusions and back to the physical and feel my feet on the ground and get on with my day.

I will start with the conscious thought I have around a certain kind of man. Although it it subsiding as I am changing and am less fearful and more self aware of how I am responsible for what occurs in my life, there is a kind of man who has frightened me alot. This man would have some or all of the following qualities: be good looking, commanding ie. ‘big’ presence/personality, big ‘talent’,  outspoken, friendly-even overly friendly, sexy, very smart, educated and well spoken, big ego, loud, center of attention, tall ususally not always, wealthy, funny, popular, fit, and muscular. I would be sexually attracted to these men, again usually and if they rejected me in any way, I would assume it was because I was a failure, I was not ‘enough’ (of something) for them and they were ‘right’.

Recently, and as recent as last night, I am becoming more aware of my ‘backchat’ which are the thoughts running continuously in your mind  (some call the ‘squirrels’ ‘gerbals running on the wheel’ ‘the committee’) . They are often vicious observations , they are memories of experiences of your past that keep playing out, supposedly protecting you /warning you but I see more and more they keep me enslaved to my mind and mind patterns.  So just for ‘fun’ I will guess some of the backchat thoughts would be; stupid prick, I fuckin’ hate men like that, he doesn’t like me, men like that never like me, i’m not pretty enough or funny enough, i’m just not enough of something , I’ll make him notice me, I hate him, stay away from him, he will humiliate you.

Thought Pattern: I hate Dr. H. (my Dad was a chiropractor and many of his friends were) He’s never nice to me. Be careful of him. He thinks your just pretty and disregards me other than that. I’m not ‘good enough’ to talk to or joke with , like he does with that girl/woman, I am not ‘good enough’ to give attention to or become friends with. If I try to talk with him he blows me off. I dont’ look good tonight. He likes her, she’s really funny and cute/beautiful/smart/rich/successful/unique, I’m just plain and average. I don’t blame him. Just talk to the other losers. They’re nice. I hate fucking men like that anyway.

thought: Men like that; smart, funny, successful, handsome, popular, powerful, don’t like me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think men who are smart funny, successful, handsome, successful, popular and powerful don’t like me. I realize it makes no difference whether someone likes me or not , I am the same in either case. I no longer accept and allow myself to be ’emotionally’ dependent on another’s opinion and interaction with me. I realize I can trust myself now and if I am not ‘comfortable’ with someone I can stay at a distance and don’t need to interact with them. I no longer accept and allow myself to judge someone if I choose not to interact with them or they choose to not interact with me.

Whenever I have the thought   ‘ Men like that; smart, funny, successful, handsome, popular, powerful, don’t like me’ I stop, I breathe. I realize I can choose who I speak to without any emotion attached to the descision. I no longer accept and allow myself to need approval from  others, I no longer accept and allow myself to be energetically charged with emotions (fear, insecurity, jealousy) that can harm me. Instead I bring myself out of my mind and back to the physical with each ‘here’ moment of breath and I remind myself I do not need to ‘feel’ popular, liked, pretty but can enjoy my own company and relax and calm down in whatever social situation I find myself in.


A pattern I have seen, with the men in my life, is waiting up for them, worrying, obsessing over their whereabouts, safety, fidelity, intentions, and integrity. It started as a little girl pacing in my bedroom until my Dad came home. It did not matter if he was home at 3a.m. I would not sleep until he pulled in the driveway. It continued into my first marriage for many years. Today I find myself going into this pattern now and then if one of my adult children are late (when they are at home, that is).

Thought Pattern: He’s not home yet. What time is it? How many hours has he been late? I hope he hasn’t gotten into a car accident. Oh god, please bring him home safely, please let him be ok, pleeeeeeease God, I’ll do anything. What time is it? He’s drinking and driving. He’s probably drunk. Its’ a snow  storm, he could be killed or hurt. Maybe he’s fooling around. He may be unfaithful….He’s not home yet. What time is it…….

Thought: Oh God, he’s late, where is he? Something bad could happen.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself  to think ‘Oh God, he’s late, where is he? Something bad could happen’. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to go into an energetic reaction of fear of loss-of father/husband/child, anxiety, self-pity, helplessness, hopelessness over the thougtht, ‘   Oh God, he’s late, where is he? Something bad could happen.’

Whenever I go into an energetic reaction of fear and anxiety over the thought, ‘Oh God, he’s late, where is he? Something bad could happen’ I stop , I breathe. I no longer accept and allow myself to waste my time on victim statements in my mind. I no longer accept and allow myself to be directed by fear of loss but instead bring myself back to the physical in that moment and realize the only thing that is real is ‘here’ in this breath. I realize I don’t control events outside of myself and I calm down and take whatever action, a phone call perhaps, is necessary or possible, I talk to someone about my concern, I watch tv if I feel it would help me until I find out what has occurred for this person to be late.

I looked up the word ‘bank’ in the dictionary (not thinking about it too much) expecting to find: financial institution, place where the public keeps their money, blah, blah, blah…Instead I found the following:

bank 04/11/11

1. a long pile or heap; mass: a bank of earth; a bank of clouds.

2 a slope or acclivity

3  Physical Geography. the slope immediately bordering a streamcourse along      which the water normally runs.

4. a broad elevation of the sea floor around which the water is relatively shallow but not a hazard to surface navigation.
5 .Coal Mining. the surface around the mouth of a shaft.
It seems to me the commonality most of these definitions have is that a bank is an elevation or foundation of some part of the natural earth.  Hmm, well now that is interesting because I would have given bank the following definition:
Bank:  A place where I am told ‘no’. A place where I am humiliated. I place where I feel no one sincerely cares but put on fake smiles and a supposed helpful demeanour but I understand their ‘hands are tied’ as they ‘just work there’. A place where I feel shitty that, although I hate them, I am wrought with guilt because they are the pawns behind the cowards..I mean powerful players of the corporation (you know the ones who have billions of dollars and never show their face, I wonder how much their mortgage is ?…oh , nothing, that’s right. I wonder how much they pay in tax? …oh again nothing. they know all the ways to cheat but they do not call it cheating).
Anyway, back to the question. Will there be banks in an Equal Money System? (EMS)
No, not as you think of a bank now. One would assume that money and  banks go together but in an EMS they do not.  The banks role has purely been of  a service provider, making a profit from controlling the movement of money. However, within an EMS, the incentive to make profit will no longer exist and therefore the need for banks will no longer exist.

Money, itself, will not be owned. The only thing that will be owned will be life!  Everyone will receive equal money from birth to death.  In practicality, we will utilize the electronic infrastructure currently in place in the world as a monitoring system, which means you will be given credits on a card, say monthly, each one receiving the same, and use these credits at various stores to get all the goods and services you and your family require. So this card is  simply a tool used to trade in a responsible, accountable fashion.  Hence, money will be purely the accounting tool used to plan, implement and coordinate the details of  the division of resources at an individual and a global scale .

You won’t need to ‘pay for’ anything. You deserve all that is here for ‘free’ as you are one and equal to it. It does not matter where you are born, to what family, what history your family had. We do not put value on life as each other nor on food we produce, plants, animals, mountains, oceans nor the sky nor the rain. Time for us to wake up, all is free to roam the earth and enjoy what is here within a ‘best for all’ awareness and responsibility.

Wouldn’t it be great if banks could be transformed into community centers? A practical tool, a place to gather and support each other to become effective as individuas and as a community.

What was the common theme in dictionary definitions of ‘bank’ ?  An elevation or foundation of some part of the natural earth. The earth, home, the dust we come from and return to.  

Bank: new definition:  a natural part of the earth, a place to gather and share how to live ‘best for all’ principals, a place that lifts one up, gives one stability to grow as life, a place to support each other in all aspect of and as community, a place of togetherness as the new earthling.

Free yourself from the voice in the head that has taught you to become a ‘good’ consumer slave . Please join us at

What is a breadline anyway? A breadline is a line a of people waiting to receive food given by a charitable or public agency. This food is free for prople who have no money, often due to unemployment, as during the Great Depression.

No, there will be no breadlines in an Equal Money System (EMS). It will not be a system of scarcity. Scarcity is what we have now but it is a lie! Visions of breadlines are what the world governments and corporations would like you to think will occur, when the world changes to a system of equality, so you stay in your place, way behind the wealthy, and don’t demand change. They want you in fear so you remain paralyzed and powerless.

There is much fear around the idea of not charging people for food= ‘paying a price’, like we will run out or go broke.  Nothing could be further from the truth,  we have already figured out all the ways to mass produce food, on very little land, in controlled enviroments where no seasons have any influence. It can be done on a worldwide scale, we currently have all the technology for this ‘miracle’ to occur.  And we see the evidence of this already today, in our grocery stores .  Behold, the beautiful, genetically modified fruits and vegetables.  Most justly, much of the land now used for farming will become the home of the animals again!

Wouldn’t it be great if part of a young persons education was spent on a farm practically learning how to produce food. Since food is a basic human need why not make it a basic educational requirement, to live on a farm in a commune style for a few years , taking responsibility for food production on a global scale. We will do this for the children to come, so that when they sit around the campfire listening to stories from the ‘elders’ talking of the days when humans would see a starving child and just walk on by, not giving it another thought- they are in shock and disbelief because life is so utterly different for them. Their littles eyes will bulge in horror, ‘Really, but they cared, they came back, right?’  ‘No.. for a moment or two they cared but they left the little child alone to die, in agony, no one ever came back.’ This is the legacy now.  Let it be that the above example is considered disgusting, inexcusable, murder ! Never, ever to happen again!

Food production is a simple repetitive formula of planting, tending to with water and nourishment and harvesting, nothing need be re-invented. It is a cycle that repeats itself and all the knowledge necessary to have successful, sufficient food production  for our world already exists.  There are enough existing farms on the earth now, none need be added to produce enough for all.

Some foods and food products will no longer be needed so not produced. Since competition and brands will  no longer exist, several products won’t be made (that had no nutritional value or worse had negative effects on our health) they were only ever made for profit not to feed/nouish. Since profit motive is eliminated, we will simply produce quality foods that are the best for all.  Since much stress will be eliminated, we will not feel the need to overeat and become obese in such vast numbers and alternatively, mental illnesses such as eating disorders, will appear less and less in the human.

I suppose you may have to line up a few minutes at a grocery store, as you do now, but this should even be more efficient as there will be no exchange of money, you are able to take what you and your family require for nutrition and cooking enjoyment.

Much of the earth will return to it’s natural condition as the world rests and breathes and re-births itself.  An EMS will be the end of the human and the beginning of the earthling!

 The implementation of an Equal Money System (EMS) will be a process. Part of that process will be changing the current world systems (the banking system, the health care system, the education system etc) to what is best for all.  An EMS, at it’s core, supports all human life, as one as equal, and in that no one person, race, culture gets treated differently than another, advocating all deserve their needs met, to survive and thrive with dignity and respect, in this world.

People have different needs and at varying times of their life and in various regions according to climate, geographical conditions, and ease of access so there are many considerations. Therefore, a group of people may have special needs to be met that vary with other people but this will be dealt with on an ongoing and ‘as needed’ basis not because of what occurred in past history of this world. We can learn from history, in a practical way, without carrying an unnecessary load of knowledge and information, of memories and emotions-we will take into consideration just what it needed in the present and necessary to support life now.

No decisions, changes will be made according to the past as ‘compensation’ for past mistakes/injustices/ except for using a common sense approach as in what works and what doesn’t. We, as  the human race have all suffered and we all need to stand as one as equal, to fix the problems that face our world.

Therefore, we as the human race must honor each life, no longer in separation, … are separate from me so I live in self interest and ultimatly care about what is best for me ( and my family ) and your life has no effect on mine. No, we are all not only connected but live equal and one which means decisions are made on a ‘what is best for all’ basis. So if there are practices in place that are ‘working’ that when looked at from a ‘best for all’ stand point, then they will remain. Perhpas they will be altered over time, perhaps they will be implemented in a wider geographical area for more of the population, perhaps they will fade out, whatever is best for all of humanity and not just Indigenous people.

Let’s look at a few practical examples: jobs/university/housing

If there was legislation in place that specified Indigeous people would be hired on certain projects, to make up for a certain % of the total work force required, this would no longer be in place. Understand, one will not have to work for money=income. Each person will receive equal money per week/month/year in credits/earth dollars (whatever name is given the currency) so each Indigenous person will receive exactly the same as Brad Pitt-from birth to death-really! Do both of these people have equal access to all of the needed goods and services?  Are they both able to purchase what they want and require for their household? Do they both have the same opportunity to choose how they want to express themselves (ie. work=service or hobby), whether it be in building houses, painting houses, painting the landscape, working with animals etc.?   In the early stages of equal money, probably not and this will be addressed in other equal money writings.  Needless to say,  work will not be defined the way it is now.

Another example would be if there is a manditory requirement for universities to accept a certain % of Indigenous Peoples into certain programs or for the ‘standard’ to be different, such as lower grades required, or the cost to attend is lower. This would no longer be in place/law because schools such as these would have no cost to attend. The entire school system would have changes implemented over time but in an EMS there would be no ‘tuition’ cost, cost for materials/text books etc. that is now part of the regular /accepted/norm post secondary education system in, for example, Canada.

True free choice will open up (now choice is dependent on/restricted by how much money one has) so many will choose not to attend a regular school but to learn something different that truely intersts them.

Another example of  ‘rights’ that are possibly, currently in place to live outside the system that will no longer be necessary is;  reduced income tax, property tax, sales tax, and reduced fee for service such as public transportation. The need for these ‘rights’ will be eliminated by an equal money system because there will be no system of taxation and if a certain credit/amount is required to pay for transportation , everyone will  have the same amount to start with each month so all will be able to afford it.

I am one vote for an Equal Money System. Please join us.

Being pregnant is difficult in the best of circumstances.  I realize there are women who breeze through this experience but for most of us regular shmucks it’s a very trying time on many fronts. I recall with my second pregnancy, thinking I must have cancer (not to be insensitive to anyone who’s life has been affected by cancer) because within the first 2 or 3 weeks I was literally exhausted and felt very ill.  I did not consider I was pregnant at the time for several reasons. It hit me like a truck and I spent alot of time in bed. Now, at that time I lived in a lovely neighbourhood, owned a home and good vehicle and though my husband and I did not have alot extra, we had a wonderful life. I was a stay at home mom to my 2 year old daughter.

I live in Canada which provides an excellent health care system. I did not have to work, (although looking after a 2 year old is work) not outside the home anyway. I had all doctor appointments, exams paid for, all hospital fees were taken care of ; doctor, delivery room and staff, any drugs, emergency surgery (C-section with my first born) and 3 days in the hospital.  In Canada perscription drugs are not provided for free but I recall I did not take anything stronger than an asprin occasionally during pregnancy anyhow. Just a note, it was not through any great discipline on  my part, I did not drink at all and smoked very little because I felt  sooooo sick for the first 3 months with both my kids and then 4-9months I was used to this routine so it was easy to keep up.

Throughout both of my pregnancies, my second I used a midwife, (there was a fee but it was not much) anyone I saw, as a patient, treated me with the utmost respect, gave me their undivided attention, time, sincere concern, and advice. I never felt looked down upon or unimportant. Good thing too, it’s a very vulnerable position to be in, for anyone! It is also an emotional and frightening time for a woman, her body is changing rapidly and she has to be concerned about another life , in the immediate moment and for several years to come, yikes!  Yes, woman need much TLC during this time, I say this in all honestly and sincerity.

Well, I went through all of that for a reason, to give you a picture, in stark comparison, to the reality hundreds of thousands of pregnant women face each year.  I was aghast, sadly not surprised, to read about some of the horrors poor, pregnant women face in the  vast slums of Nairobi. When some of these women were asked about their major concerns, two things emerged.  One, the poor treatment they received from healthcare workers , due to the stigma of  ‘poor’ branded on these women and the harsh reality of the necessity to earn income outside of the home.

In an article taken from ‘The Standard’, a Nairobi online newpaper, written by Michael Oriedo,  March30,2011,   “The African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC) study says poor women shun modern maternity and delivery services, not because they do not have money, but because they suffer poor treatment at the facilities .The study finds that some health providers are not charitable towards poor pregnant women, often abandoning them or ignoring them when they visit health center and hospitals.”   So these women often turn to local midwives who are affordable and give them the  time and respectful service they deserve -as a human being-and to the unborn human being she is carrying!  This is not to suggest the midwife is inferior to the traditional medical doctor/nurse in any way, but one should not have to go without necessary treatment and seek out an alternative, which could take weeks and have financial costs, when there are already, at a facility, capable practitioners in attendance.

It is no longer acceptable to me to not speak out, I do not condone this behaviour from other human beings any longer. These women are equal to the richest of pregnant women anywhere in this world and must be treated as such. They are indeed life as is the unborn child, as are you, as is the care provider who ignores the patient.  In a society of equal money this will not occur as each will be provided for from birth until death, all necessities will be met. There will be no charge for essential health care services. Each will be given the same amount of money to live on for some form of accountability and enough money  for essentials of life. You will not pay rent or a mortgage to a bank so some few families are incredibly rich, beyond imagination and get to have the earth as their playground while the vast, majority of humans suffer horribly with nothing and nothing to look forward to. I refuse to listen to the excuse, ‘well, that is their lot in life’, ‘God, has a plan’, ‘there is nothing I can do about  it’, “it’s up to my higher power, I’m not in control of that, they must have something to learn.’  What crap, shame on us.

if I was to take a can of spray paint and cover your house or car in graffiti would you have the right to stop me, maybe its just ‘gods will’ or your lot in life or a ‘higher plan’ well, you can fix it but each time you fix it , i did it again, would it make you angry? And that was just your property not your wife, mother, sister, child I was damaging. ‘That’s rediculous’, you may retort, no what is rediculous is to let a situation continue in which one pregnant woman is taken care of and another overlooked-simply becasue of the coin in her purse. Literally one baby is given human care/love and another human discarded, that is dispicable.

The second major problem, the pregnant women in the slums of Nairobi face, is the stark fact of needing to make money so their families don’t starve, let alone pay for other necessities of daily living…er I should say daily surviving.  The same article in The Standard, Michael Oriedo reports, “…Poverty forces pregnant women into doing heavy workloads, catering for the children they have already as well as  babies’ needs. Due to poverty, women work hard during pregnancy and the period surrounding it. They work in construction sites as head-carriers and loaders, stay out late selling their wares, or go from door to door looking for work,” 

Head carriers! That is heavy physical labour, I would have puked and fainted and I am completely serious. Now I would have also gotten up , like these women, and ‘soldiered on’ to feed my other children at home, pay rent and electricity etc. but it would be hell.I assume it is very hot in Nairobi so easy to become dehydrated. I wonder if these women get fair/compassionate breaks, water, nutrition, increased bathroom breaks on the job site, paid sick days or just sick days without threat of loosing their job, paid time off for doctors appointments? Perhaps some, I don’t know but I’m guessing no. Why? Am I jaded? Sure, I’ve felt like crap before and been treated like crap before and I don’t wish it on my fellow human sisters.Yes, I am jaded by the proven greed of the human race, the never ending race. Perhaps some employers do or/and some want to be helpful to these women but have their own troubles and family to pay for. I know I have been guilty of this , ‘I’ll be more ‘giving’ after I straighten out this debt I have.’ Slipping into justifying self interest, sadly, it’s the money system. We’re monkeys in a cage, all of humanity but the rich and the invisable elite. They have the freedom/movement that money provides, all the best services (health, fitness, travel, vacations, no stress from money worries).

 Now, I understand other places in the world have trials and tribulations for the pregnant woman, this is not a competition, I am simply looking at one situation in our world. We are not separate;, one world, your world , my world. Indeed, one baby, your baby, my baby. One problem for us all to address and, finally,  find a solution that is best for all.

These women have to work very hard to save enough money to make up for the time they will miss from work after the delivery and time they will spend at home. Many have no choice but to continue with the heavy workload immediately after birth. This often results in sapping the women’s energy and blood and leaves them fragile. Understandably, the women then are exposed to horrific outcomes: bleeding, anaemia, hypertension, malaria, placenta retention, premature labour, prolonged or obstructed labour and preeclampsia (convulsions).These problems often result in stillbirths, premature births, pregnancy loss, maternal mortality, morbidity, and deformity. 

One of the women interviewed, a 27-year-old mother, told of her experience of nearly dying five days after giving birth. She worked as a cleaner until a week before her delivery and resumed her job few days after giving birth. Sadly, on her first day at work after delivery, she suffered heavy bleeding. She had to start work immediately so her children wouldn’t starve. Although she knew she needed to stay home and rest she simply needed the money.It nearly cost her her life.

Please investigate a real alternative, that is best for all at http://www.EqualMoney.Org. Let us all stand together to create a better world, an equal world!  





Largely what and who I am is a library of accumulated knowledge and information, filed in my brain/ mind. I am largely knowledge and information in the form of remembered experiences-I call upon with my memroy that tell me how to react/feel/  to a certain situation. These ‘memories’ in fact are copied from our parents as we are raised by them as an example and so it goes from one generation to the next. Talk about robotic! I suppose we do ‘tweek’ various personality traits but we are basically little copies of each other. Its actually pretty funny, if it wasn’t so tragic that human beings war with each other, partly over ‘differences’ in religion, skin color, regions, ownership of land, it goes on, when we are all actually very much the same.

So if I continually reference memories/pictures in my mind of events from past experiences, to tell me how to act/feel today to a certain situation nothing new will occur that will bring about any lasting , effective change! Oh, I could go back to school and get more knowledge and information  but how would I as a person on earth do/contribute  something completely different, which is required if a different result is to occur, which this planet sorely needs.

Many things we experience are based on ‘excitment’. It is actually a distraction and a very effective one! An average day of an average Canadian-in winter-can be dull, depressing-get dressed , kids to school, work hard in an office enviroment 8 hours, exhausted by the end of the week and have little to no extra money to show for it, stress, behind on bills, its dark and cold…need a reason to carry on so ‘experences’ which awaken the senses/emotions work well. Whether it be a fast, thrilling adventure on skis or motorcycle or exposure to a religious/spiritual  ‘miracle’ or the thrill of a new life/baby being born. Yes these ‘experiences’ are what we thrive on, hold on to, when times are tough or just the same=boring to humans, to keep us going to… damn it, make us feel alive! I used to use large doses of alcohol for that, worked quite well for several year and then.. well.. it didn’t.  Or a new ’cause’ to focus on and ‘fight’ for; someone has cancer, tragic starvation in Somalia, oust a dictator through revolution, write a song about revolution, listen to a song about revolution and feel heartache,pangs sympathy for a fellow human being, if only for a few moments.  These exciting-happy exciting-or sad exciting-experiences bring us together for a short while. But no one really means it, the togetherness because we all resort back to self interest in no time.

If people really meant it they would demand their politicians to stop pouring billions of dollars-that could feed/house people today-into building weapons of war, fighter jets for the purposes of war and letting the elite hide and hoard their billions-money that could be used for the good of all.

The experience of a few who have reached the ‘American Dream’ is held out like the carrot on a stick to the’common’ people, who see the ultra wealthy paraded on tv and movie screens, in magazines and on the news, in the small hope that they too will be lucky, hit it big, achieve financial freedom, even win the lottery.  Watching the news last night I heard President Obama tell a vicious lie.  I generally like the guy but his comment really caught me off guard, maybe he even believes it, I don’t know. It was a Labor Day speech in Detroit, the auto industry hard hit by the ‘its not a recession’  recession, “…the American Dream is still achievable by all.”  Really? No, not really but it stirs up emotions and has a nice ring to it. Somewhat off topic but I couldn’t help but to mention that, it’s just so utterly and obviously false it shocks me no one has commented on the insanity of that statement.

I play a game with myself  when ‘things’ get really bad in my life. It goes like this ; what if I had no prior knowledge of my life and I was just beamed into this body and circumstances–so I just found myself here in this life with the present ‘problems’ conditions, body, people, etc?   What occurs is the emotions/feelings/ confusion with so many thoughts from the past as experiences-quite literally, disappear!  So no past experiences to draw on=slow you down/fill you with anguish,  no assumptions to make- and voila…common sense marches forth.  Much simplification instantly occurs, looking at facts as numbers, mathematics, options, a calm atmosphere ensues, the mind moves slower and more concise, decisions are made quicker ,without the stronghold of fear-when there was no actual threat at the moment or near future-manipulating and sabotaging them.  I can breath, my body relaxes, I become grateful for what I have, all when I remove the mind- the mind as the past, as experiences.  Try it sometime!

So if we don’t ‘draw upon’ past experiences to tell us what to do, what to think, how to act, how to feel…what do we do?!   Well, you can check out Desteni to get the answers to that . Another thing Obama put to the crowd in Detroit , in his Labor Day speech, was that, just as in the past, Americans would do what they  have always  done and ‘get to work’/ rise up/ not give up -kind of thing. Unfortunately for the whole world, another thing that happens-if you look at experience/history to tell you where you’re going-when the world economies are floundering and then collapse;   W  A  R . . .

There is an alternative, there is in fact a solution. Better than the American lottery..err I mean dream. It is Equal Money. Equal Money for All to live a dignified life. It is bringing heaven to earth. It is what a few people are busy doing. Please join us at Desteni. Please investigate EqualMoney.Org

Whenever I think of Communism, an image of Chairman Mao comes to mind and an army of citizens (soldiers) all dressed the same, rather obedient and robot-like.  I have thoughts like, ‘well, at least the population has more than they used to’ or ‘the poor people, they are no longer individuals but just a number in the system-no face- just a body but a body that is being ‘taken care of’ because they arn’t capable of taking care of themselves’. ‘I’m sure they all live in little identical boxes, they call home, with no self expression’.

Little did I understand at the time, I was a ‘robot’ in the system, just the same, only an ocean and a word ‘capitalism’ separated us.

When I think of Communism, I think of order in a boring way, taking the zest/fun out of life as self expression, no individualism and no choice in ones life work/career/job. ‘You must do what is needed by the ‘state’ or off to jail you go’, kind of thing. Not suggesting that is what Communism ‘is’ but these are some of people’s preconceived notions and fears.

So if equal money is not that , what is it?

Life in an equal money system would be the opposite of sameness, robotic existance, no choices, no freedom…what it would do is enable all-NOT JUST THE RICH- to enjoy the opportunity that -once there is no struggle for survival as all ‘need’s are met-money allows for one to choose what food you would like to enjoy and cook for yourself and your family, decorate your home-indeed participate in the planning of your home-in your own self expression.  Write music for all to enjoy, perform, play your favourite sport, support and assist others in any and all ways-because now you have an opportunity to do so.  No more military and military spending, no defence needed, no boarders to keep you in or keep you out. We are one and equal, in all ways, to all that exist.

This is life! What we are existing as now , is that life? No, that is survival, suffering and premature death for most, and that is greed and selective hearing/seeing/feeling of the elite.

Life, is what many people at Desteni are busy investigating and preparing for, by creating a truly compassionate, benevolent alternative to the money system that now powers and controls the world.

Equal Money, join us. EqualMoney.Org.


The thought of fear that I am working with :  ” I should have never told my father to sell the cottage to one of his children.”

Self-Forgiveness on emotion/feeling:

Fear, Regret, Jealousy, anger, sadness, frustration, hatred, guilt, inferior, stupidity


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be controlled and directed by fear of loss in regards to my sister owning the cottage. The loss of money, the loss of possible vacation opportunites and the loss of self as ‘secure’ ‘’wealthy’ . I forgive myself  for accepting and allowing myself for fearing the loss of ‘being wealthy’ when hundreds of thousands of human beings/children in my world are starving to death, painfully  today. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to enter an energetic  state of lethargy and self pity when I think there is nothing I can do about such a huge problem as people starving to death today. (just checked online; about 16,000 children a day, starve to death !!).

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed and controlled by this fear of loss in my life manifesting as regret, so that I am often having thoughts of regretting this past ‘mistake’ of speaking to my father, constantly having thoughts of regretting no vacation in the present and thoughts of regretting no cottage in the future, so always up in the head and not here at all being of service to my world and others in it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of jealousy about  my sister owing the family cottage. To have this jealousy exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of anger about my sister owing the family cottage. To have this anger exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of sadness about my sister owing the family cottage. To have this sadness  exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of frustration  about my sister owing the family cottage. To have this frustration exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest–to the point that I  am stuck/frozen in my mind of thoughts so forever destined to play out the past as it becomes my current reality and  future instead of existing here and dealing with how to ensure all beings  have a home/shelter/food and not worry about vacation properties  (but later I would, as all need to be surrounded by nature sometime).

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of hatred about my sister owing the family cottage. To have this hatred  exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest. This hatred goes outward to the many people/relations I have that are quite wealthy and have a home/cottage./ski chalet/vacations/much savings  etc….and they protect it viciously (as I probably would have!).

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of guilt about my sister owing the family cottage. To have this guilt  exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of inferiority  about my sister owing the family cottage. To have this inferiority exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of inferiority  about my sister owing the family cottage. To have this inferiority  exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by an energetic reaction of stupidity about my sister owing the family cottage. To have this feeling of stupidity exist within and as me, to let it possess and control me to the point of self pity so I cannot see the serious strife of others in my world but exist only in self interest.