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Whether it be music playing  in head , lryics/poetry coming to you ‘out of the blue’, dreams, inspiration, imagination, voices speaking to you during sleep-like a powerful message, or when you first wake up; bad news people, it’s all deception. It is not some ‘special’ message from god, a higher being/intelligence, the universe, angels, a dead relative/friend/famous person, higher power, Jesus or any other deity.

It is your own mind! I know it’s ‘sad’ we are alone, I repeat it is your own mind, from your subconscious/unconscious. All of this really just gives you the run around, keeps you dependent on hope and not fully here in the physical, keeps you busy running, running on faith, hope, prayer.

Does it ever assist you in any practical way that is significant enough to change your life or the world? Well, that’s the tricky part because the answer is , sometimes! The other times we religious/spiritual faithfuls explain it away with ‘oh, it wasn’t time for me to get that’ ‘I obviously have to learn a lesson from not receiving this’ ‘I trust god/universe/ in the blank that it will come in time’ ‘I’m not in charge, I just hand it over and let god/universe etc. take the wheel’ and on and on.

What kind of loving force would not want you to be in charge, have control over your physical reality, your own destiny and remain helpless here? What kind of a ‘lesson’ does a child born into extreme poverty and starvation learn, if that is what you believe in?  Hey, even if you are financially loaded you will still age and crumble/decay and die so your ‘power’ of money is ultimately an illusion, nonetheless a helpful and necessary one.

I believed that a ‘higher’ more knowing force was communicating to me for years and I know several people who believe this, in some form or another, as well. It is widely accepted in the ‘spiritual’ wave of the last 15 or so years. Why it is considered less drastic and more ‘real’ or loving to worship the universe than a god, I have no idea? It all results in the same thing; you being controlled and you abdicating your responsibility for the mess of this world, here in this moment and each moment after!

Even now, that I understand it is my mind speaking to me, it pulls me in , for awhile, into  ideas, sweet promises of fame and fortune using my ego to lure me. Yes, into the world of thoughts dreams, hopes, fears (note: all the mind and not real) and away from self realization as who I really am as life, one and equal, on planet earth. So many of us spiritual ones have forgotten what is real; you with your feet on the ground, your eyes open, walking, moving…this is life and this is how things happen here! This is how we will truly effect change in our world.

For years, after I begged god for help when my husband left me and kids penniless, I received music in my mind and figured it was a sign and I was ‘suppose’ to write music and I wasted my time and life on ‘following the guidance of a higher power’. Note, I still love to write, play and sing, music is enjoyable to create and play and share! But it won’t change the world or it would have already.

The thing that fucks with you is sometimes your mind-higher force/god-is right!

OMG, I have accessed the almighty universal force, the secret OR OMG I am one of god’s special chosen ones, OR OMG I am psychic OR OMG I am given great lyrics,I’ll be rich and famous OR OMG I know where the roulette ball will land…so now life will be easy with this magic, psychic force, ability I have to foresee/predict the future (I could often) I will be able to earn a great income for my family and enjoy life! Right?

Wrong, the thing is, this ability/information is right sometimes and sometimes only.

So what good is it. Zero, I tried every which way in the book. Please don’t suggest it was because I ‘used god’s/universe’s gift wrong’. I did nothing but good 99% of the time, benevolent, charitable etc.

One good thing that came from following my higher power=my mind was I learned a lot, unwittingly, about the mind!

The main thing I learned was YOUR MIND WILL GO WHERE YOU LEAD IT or you can let it lead you. Very flexible that god/higher power is. If I think I want to be a nun the mind will go there, if I think I want to be a prostitute, cool says the mind, sell drugs to make quick easy money, ok, write music for charity and save the world, yes that’s cool too, to god/the mind, it will switch /change course with you (I realize not immediately but after a few warning nightmare’s or whatever). Not to overstate it, but if I say to myself/think about murder THE MIND WILL EVENTUALLY SUPPORT ME.  See a problem here?

You do not have to be faithful/loyal to something that is so flippant, dare I say insane?!

Conversely, if I let the mind lead, usually when  I was very fearful (like please ‘god’ tell me /show me the path), it would lead me to the world systems of survival always. To career, marriage, children, the whole story, being a ‘sexy’ woman to keep a man happy. But also bit of a loser never really building a life of stability, tranquility but plagued with self doubt/low esteem. That was my story, the story of Sandy, born….died…


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When I accept the idea of a ‘God’, assuming this is an all powerful, loving , creator, I put myself in a position that is ‘smaller’, ‘less powerful’. I assume there is something, some being that ‘made’ me for a reason and I can only ‘hope’ there is a benevolent reason for my existence.   ‘Hope’ itself is not empowering and I wait/walk..err…stumble blindly along life’s path with only faith (interesting hope and faith both also ‘ideas’ in my mind) trying to do what is ‘right’ (hard to say what right is, as it is different according to your experience) until the day I die so I may enter the kingdom of this ‘leader’. Hmmm…not much to grab hold of there but it’s all I got.

If I accept the idea of ‘God’ I isolate myself -as one person trying to do what I conjure is ‘right’-from my fellow human beings, the animal kingdom and nature. I live an existence based largely, if not solely, upon self interest because I am in fact in my head-my mind with beliefs that direct me. I accept the notion that there is a ‘right’ path or ‘wrong’ path for me and he=God ain’t gonna tell me which way to go. I  buy into the notion of ‘signs’, ‘a calling’, ‘answered prayers’, that I now understand to be all thoughts, feelings, dreams- from my mind!

I am taught and ‘feel’ compelled to go to university, get married, have children, have the same ‘faith’ as my parents, go to the cottage like my parents, buy a home like my parents, have the same values more or less as my parents. I am plagued with guilt, worry, shame, fear, fear, fear…like my father , told to be grateful but it’s good to want and get more, more, more…don’t question the big stuff like where I came from and where I’m going beyond this life-we told you-God made you-God loves you-so be a good little unit and shut up.

What do I allow? When the belief in God is accepted I allow everything and everyone else-save my immediate family and few friends and pets-to sink or swim on their own. Hey, I gotta enough problems trying to survive. I allow the ‘survival of the fittest’ approach to life.

The consequences of this are enormous. Just considering my own little life, then times that by about 7 billion. Everyday is consumed in self interest; how do I get enough money for me, my family, if I have enough money-how do I get more! OMG what is this on my body, i’m gonna die!, how do I save me?, how do I save for the future, how do I remain youthful, how do I loose this weight?, how do I compete with other women so I don’t loose the main breadwinner in the house?, how do I get better abs, tight butt?, afford to get my hair highlighted, get a new car-mine is getting old, go down south-need to save for that , get that new tv-please God , help me  earn more so I can by the new ipad. Need I say more, it goes on and on. Oh yes, give a dollar to the guy on the street and some at Christmas-’tis the season for giving afterall. Gives you a nice warm feeling.

So, one consequence; I turn a blind eye to the suffering of millions of people who are starving, who have no clean water, who have no education, who have little or no hope of a better tomorrow . Me and 7 billion others do this . We are obsessed/possessed by the mind, we are focused inward with god/spirituality/one religion or another and not dealing with what is here in the physical in a practical and logical/mathematical  way.

Speaking of mathematics, I have on several occasions ‘joked’ with my family that if only everyone in the world-not those in the 3rd world-gave me $1.00 that would be enough, I’d be rich and content and it wouldn’t hurt them one bit! They all laugh and agree I’m a little ‘crazy’. Well, what of it? How about it? It makes mathematical sense? Of course not that exactly, but a new way, a way that is based on what is best for all.

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