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This quote is taken from ‘BC Health Link’ online updated May 24, 2010:

‘At 1 month of age, infants express their feelings with alert, widened eyes and a rounded mouth…’

I recall that with my own children, almost like a fish, the little round mouth, opening and closing. I wonder why babies have that expression as their first and why it disappears? Interesting.

During this time it is important to feed your baby on demand, you’ll know, lol! So when baby is crying do not ignore, even if they were just fed. If their belly is full, there is something else baby needs. Pick up your child, perhaps baby needs a diaper change or your touch and comfort.

This is paramount to social development to assist your child to feel safe, assured that, at this time when they are completely dependent upon you for survival, you are there and they will build trust in you and trust within self, that what they need is available, this world is a safe place for them to be. They can then be relaxed and get the rest they need and be aware of their surroundings increasingly.

When baby is sleeping best to leave it that way! Often, with the arrival of a new life, friends and relatives come over to meet baby. It is important that you ask them to wait until baby wakes or just let them have a quick peek into the nursery. Would you want to be ‘picked up’ if you were asleep? No, you’d be understandably pissed off! Of course, there are times when you must pick up your baby and perhaps ‘go home’ if you are out. However, your child will need this time to rest and you will need it to also rest or get the million things done that you have not had time for since the arrival of baby.

I am not convinced that breast feeding is the ‘best’ and only way we can nourish a new life. It is, at this time on earth, the optimal choice as it is ‘free’ and ‘easy’ as it requires no bottles or preparation. I was able to breastfeed without any of the ‘problems’ many women face. However, it was physically tiring and required me to to very aware of my liquid and solid intake. It is easy to get dehydrated and ‘weak’ and exhausted during this process.

Many women have no choice but to work outside the home (I did not), even with the arrival of a new baby, so sometimes it is impossible to breastfeed.

If I was to go back in time and ‘do it all again’ I would see what thoughts arise about my ‘energy level’ how tired I am, how it seems overwhelming to breastfeed and deal with the baby and all the other commitments and details of my life. I would apply  Self-Forgiveness (see: Desteni.Org/DesteniIProcess.Com) and write out a Self- Corrective Applications  for each thought.

This could be part of a pre-natal educational course as , although you and your baby are ‘unique’ individuals, there are certain predictable behaviors and thoughts that will arise upon the arrival of baby. One can be prepared by having these statements ready to be read aloud until the time that they become fully integrated in and as you.

This will have a huge impact on your babies social development because you are so close, your impact and influence is so great on who your child will become thus the more you are relaxed, trust yourself and this new experience the better. Specifically do not develop thought patterns that are destructive and can often lead to depression, anxiety through becoming overwhelmed, this is passed onto your baby through your constant, close interaction and your breast milk. You are the example. Exemplify!

When researching pregnancy, especially in ‘developed’ countries, one of the main concerns that comes up is teen pregnancy as unwanted/unplanned pregnancy and the resulting poverty that often occurs. Often the young woman ends up raising the child herself, is from a lower income , does not have post secondary education or the funds available to pursue such which could limit her future earning potential, so she and her unborn child are vulnerable on several fronts.

There are young women in North America who romanticize the idea of having a baby, on their own or with their teen boyfriend and see it as a badge of honor or ‘a way out’. I have seen these young women on various tv shows who believe life will be different for them, they will not be ‘like their parents’. It clearly is an example of trying to repair the past/correct mistakes their parents made and thus heal themselves. It is naive but also very selfish. Some, not all, also know they will receive government funding when they have a child but they lack foresight about the struggles they will face and the constant need for money when the child arrives. Also the constant loving care a child needs will constrict their mobility greatly, one needs to be stable on many fronts; emotionally, mentally, physically and financially to raise a healthy child. Please note, I am not suggesting a person in need not receive any government assistance, that would also be irresponsible. One should provide neccessities of life for ones child. I received government subsidized daycare and a monthly baby bonus for my 2 children for many years. It was extremely helpful.

In North America, a main issue is not the pregnancy but contraseptives. This will be discussed in detail in a future blog. However, in an equal money system, there will be a huge decline in the number of  unplanned , unwanted pregnancies. Subsequently, there will be a huge decline in teen poverty, domestic violence, suicide, mental illness. One of the reasons young women get pregnant is too leave their current dometic situation/family unit where they could have been emotionally, physically abused.  They do not have the financial means to live independantly so they see starting their own family as a way out, a fresh start. No blame here, just statements.  Largely I say this because in an equal money system the implications for a society are huge. Just to focus on pregnancy for now, from a starting point of financial stability, one can breath, let go of the constant energetic reacion of fear in the stuggle for survival, where’s my next meal, working for minmum wage and just making enough to provide food and roof over your/your families head.

As an aside, it is interesting , currently you see the middle class as slaves to the rich and the elite cannot afford a vacation, are losing their homes, cannot do anything but work, living pay cheque to pay cheque,which is not life but a form of robotic existance. I’m not even touching the subject of flat out poverty- the middle class=new widening lower class-are not being quiet and remaining good litttle robots in earth’s big factory for rich-they are getting pissed off–little too much greed there-ooops!  Memo to the rich: you made a boo boo, you should have thrown us some more bones so we would continue feeding off our addiction to consumerism, it keeps us busy so we don’t notice all the millions if not billions you are hoarding.

Anyway, I digress, in an equal money society women, young women will have a real alternative to dependancy on their parents/main caregivers/boyfriend/husband. This will reduce unwanted pregnancy in all woman of child bearing years. Equal Money will also reduce the number of abortions of all women. Let me walk through this:   If one has stable income the point of building a family unit for stability and survival will be eliminated. A woman will have a real ‘choice’ to decide how they want to express themselves and contribute to their world, no longer constricted by the social situation they were born into, geography, all the various opportunities for a decent future money buys. These opportunities include: education, transportation, adequate rest/sleep because one needs to work and look after children or go to school, less stress which can lead to physical and mental illness in the form of addiction, afford a break/vacation for rest and enjoyment so life is not just about ‘getting through it’.  If they are in a current relationship they do not have to remain, they will have the means=the money to leave a unsatisfactory situation and start new life in which they can afford to house, cloth, feed, educate their children without having to ‘bend over’ compromise/prostitute themselves.