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Survival of the fittest is like a cruel joke because it is so obviously based on money. Depending upon where you are born, into what family you are born, who you know, determines on how ‘fit’ you are to educate yourself and indeed to ‘elevate’ yourself into a position where you are able to hold your head high and say, ‘I am a contributing member of society, I am holding my own’.

As well,  you have much more likely been ‘blessed’ with the needed practical tools of self esteem from consistant, loving care children need as they grow, determination, opportunity, ‘choice’ of career etc. I mention consistant and loving care with some hesitation as I was a single parent with no money raising my children. So poor does not equal  providing no consistancy or love. Obviously I did, however, the sad fact is it is much more difficult as one gets exhausted day in and day out raising children without the luxury of help (a needed break), no time for self care or reflection as to what is working/important and what should be altered.

Put simply; within the current money system, survival is based almost entirely on money. If one has abundance, is wealthy, they have time. Time to get enough rest, exercise, have their ‘house in order’ , enjoy hobbies, be creative, explore themselves and their world, take vacation and therefore building mental and physical ‘fitness’.

If one is middle class, they have very little time to do these things and just keep ‘running’ and do not stop long enough to determine how to change this world so the ‘human/rat race’ can be stopped.

If one is poor, well, they do not have any chance/hope to build ‘fitness’ and only focus on one day of their children/themselves not dying, not becoming dehydrated, diseased, murdered, raped.  Perhaps they are focussed on migrating to a ‘safer’ region. There is little , virtually no power they hold that will magically change their circumstances and so internalize their outrage and pray to a ‘God’ for some relief, if only in the hereafter.

In a world where an equal money system was in place, all would have their basic needs met!  Food, shelter, medical care!  This is not some ‘pie in the sky’ crazy utopian idea. There is enough food in the world currently to feed all beings on the planet, there are enough resources and manpower to house all the beings on the planet, there are enough people to provide all the care we need. Do we really need to suffer more before we stand up and say, ‘No I do not accept the way the world is currently operating’ and start taking action?

For example how much does a fighter jet cost?  This is taken from Wiki Answers on August 21, 2011

“Well, it varies according to the fighter jet. Here are prices of several models.

  • F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet costs $150 million
  • Sukhoi Su-30MKI costs $35.74 million
  • Eurofighter Typhoon costs €90 Million
  • Chengdu J-10 costs $27.84 million

Canada is in the process of deciding whether to purchase the F-15 fighter jet-don’t say how many , I believe it was about 6-8, spending 9 Billion, some estimate it could go as high as 18 Billion Dollars!!!   What????   That ‘s in sanity. Why? To supposed protect ourselves from ,and of course kill, other human beings.

I would be speechless except that won’t change anything.

In an equal money system we eliminate ‘the enemy’ by providing what ‘they’ are fighting for;        SURVIVAL.

We are slaves to the elite but we don’t have to be. If you are interested in making a difference and want to change our world now, please investigate at EqualMoney.Org